‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings and Parents Greg & Jeannette Disagree on College

I Am Jazz teasers reveal that Jazz Jennings and her parents are not on the same page when it comes to picking which college she’ll attend. Because, Jeanette Jennings and her husband Greg Jennings are all about their daughter going to an Ivy League school. But, she isn’t ready to close the door on smaller private school Pomona. In the end, Jazz must decide on her own.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Torn between Two Schools

Fans saw on the TLC show as Jazz Jennings got accepted to two colleges. Now, she must decide which school she’ll attend. She has to choose between Pomona College in California. Or prestigious Harvard University. The decision won’t be easy. Now, she doesn’t know what school she wants to go to.

However, her mom Jeanette and dad Greg Jennings don’t hide the fact that they want her at Harvard. On the next I Am Jazz, we’ll see Jazz Jennings torn between either Harvard or Pomona. She says that her “heart wants me to go to Pomona”. But, her “head wants me to go to Harvard”.

The LGBTQ advocate is proud that she got into an Ivy school. Even though she knows that people think she only got in because she’s transgender. Because, Jazz knows that her hard work is what got her in. But, there’s a lot of pressure around the decision.

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings

TLC Star’s Parents Are Team Harvard

Greg Jennings and Jeanette Jennings want their daughter to choose Harvard. First, Greg and Jeanette like the fact that the school is closer to them than Pomona is since they’re in Florida now. Also, Jeanette’s afraid to have Jazz Jennings move far away. She thinks that her daughter “makes poor decisions.”

Jeanette has made it known that she doesn’t like the idea that she can’t be there for her daughter. I Am Jazz previews show Jazz Jennings talking to her parents about her college choices. Jeanette Jennings and hubby Greg Jennings make it clear they’re pushing for their transgender daughter to attend Harvard.

The TLC alum says to her parents: “would you guys be disappointed if I did go to Pomona?” Jeanette Jennings doesn’t hesitate with her reply. She says: “I’m not going to lie – I will be sad.” Greg Jennings says that this may be her only chance to attend a prestigious school.

I Am Jazz Celeb Will Decided for Herself

Jazz Jennings doesn’t want to disappoint her parents with her decision. She also wants to respect her parents and their opinions. But, she also isn’t going to let her father Greg and his wife Jeanette Jennings influence her decision. Now, Jeanette and her spouse Greg Jennings are stuck on her picking Harvard.

But, Jazz isn’t going to shut down Pomona just yet. The week’s episode of I Am Jazz explains that Jazz Jennings wants to make the decision on college on her own. However, she wants to make sure that her parents will support whatever decision she makes.

The Florida teen asks her mom and dad if they “trust that whatever path I take in life I will be successful.” Jeanette Jennings says that it’s not just about being successful. At the end of the day, Jazz Jennings knows that it’s her decision.

Even if it means disappointing her parents. Fans already know what school she picks (spoiler alert – it’s Harvard). But, she does put going to college on hold while she focuses on self-care. So, watch to see tense moments with Jazz Jennings, Greg Jennings, and Jeanette Jennings as they talk college.

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