‘Hustle in Brooklyn’ Recap: Ivy Rivera Gets Butt Hurt – Darnell King Proposes – Azia Toussaint’s Career Soars

Hustle in Brooklyn recap includes Ivy Rivera getting dissed, a proposal from Darnell King, and Azia Toussaint’s career boost on BET’s new reality TV series. HiB premiered on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. The show follows the professional and social lives of some Brooklyn rising stars, including hip-hop artists, producers, models and more. The show airs weekly on Tuesdays, 10/9c with the first show titled, Hashtag, I’m Worth It.

Hustle in Brooklyn Recap – Azia Toussaint’s Career Flourishes

The Hustle in Brooklyn recap begins when HiB singer/songwriter Azia Toussaint tells her dad that she is planning a meeting with Santos “The Plug” Garcia. Santos specializes in networking and connecting people to expand their opportunities. Her dad is the legendary music producer, Brent “Faroah” Toussaint, and he is skeptical about Azia Toussaint exploring her options. In the meantime, Santos meets with music producer/rapper, Darnell King and convinces him to allow Azia to record at Brick House Studios.

Later, HiB Ivy Rivera, a label coordinator at Entertainment One, invites the crew to a video release party of a new artist. Afterwards, some of the guys meet and asks Hip-Hop Radio Show host, Jesse Brown, the 411 on him and Ivy. He says that they are just friends for now. Azia Toussaint and comedian hopeful, Eva Evans, also question Ivy Rivera about Jesse. Although, she also admits they are currently only texting, she comments that he should shoot his shot if he’s interested. Then, she exclaims, “Hashtag, I’m worth it!”

Hustle in Brooklyn: Ivy Rivera, Azia Toussaint and Eva Evans

HiB Darnell King Proposes

Darnell King tells the guys, including Jesse Brown and Santos Garcia, about his plan to propose to his baby momma, Raquel. Subsequently, he proposes bended knee, ring in hand, on the Brooklyn Bridge. Raquel, holding their baby boy, pauses, and with a little laugh says yes.

Santos and Azia Toussaint meet at a restaurant on the waterfront to discuss Azia’s career expectations. He asks Azia about her professional journey. In addition, she discloses that initially her dad did not want her to pursue music. She also informs Santos, to his disappointment, that she no longer dates men in the music industry. So, he explains that his craft is creating brand partnerships. They toast to a great friendship as fireworks go off in the background.

What Can You Do for Me? – Hustle in Brooklyn

Talented rapper Ron Walker aka Baggy Large has his first meeting with Alicia Gooding, the head of The Code, an artist management and PR company. Baggy is currently helping support his mom and siblings since his dad is locked away. So, he meets Alicia at a bar, and she advises him over drinks to include more music on his page. He asks her what she can do for him. She says that she can turn him into somebody to the world and agrees to put together a proposal.

Azia Toussaint comes to Brick House Studios with her dad to meet with Darnell and Santos Garcia. They talk business and explain intensions. Darnell King tells them that he is engaged to Raquel. Azia appears shocked. They all agree that Azia makes her own decisions regarding her music and daddy needs to loosen the strings.

Azia Toussaint Rats Out Darnell King

Haitian Instagram model, Danielle Rosias meets Azia Toussaint at a retail store. Azia tells her that Darnell is engaged. Danielle admits that she has been seeing Darnell King on the side. She says they see each other every other day, but have never admitted feelings. She tells Azia that she’s done with love, and she feels hurt and violated.

Alicia goes to Ivy’s office at eOne and plays Baggy’s song for her. Ivy Rivera agrees Baggy shows potential and should be in the studio. She also says he has some work to do. She tells Alicia that she wants Baggy to come to her video release party for Puerto Rican rapper, Audri Nix.

Alicia Gooding Outmaneuvers Ivy Rivera

Hustle in Brooklyn Alicia Gooding comes to the event and introduces Baggy to Ivy Rivera. Eva Evans and Azia Toussaint joke with Baggy about his name. Eva also takes the opportunity to mention that she’s single and doesn’t have boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jesse tells Ivy that he feels they should spend some time together. Ivy agrees to make time. But, across the room, Alicia takes the opportunity to orchestrate an introduction between Baggy and another rep at eOne. Surprisingly, the rep agrees to hear Baggy’s song. Ivy Rivera appears butt hurt.

Afterwards on HiB, Danielle Rosias comes over Azia Toussaint’s house to vent about Darnell King. Azia is in her closet deciding on an outfit for Darnell’s Brick House party. Danielle says she’s going so she can confront Darnell and ask him if he loves her. She confides that she doesn’t know how to feel. Azia pleads with Danny not to mess up the bag and advises her not to go.

Hustle in Brooklyn Spoilers – Danielle Rosais Crashes Darnell King’s Party

At the party, Azia tells Santos Garcia that she hung out with Danielle and that they are friends. Soon after, Darnell King walks in with his new fiancé and makes a toast to her. He thanks her for standing by him and supporting his dreams. Meanwhile, Azia Toussaint receives a text from Danny saying that she’s coming to the party. Santos quickly warns Darnell, and Darnell immediately persuades Raquel to leave.

HiB Danielle Rosias arrives and heads straight for Darnell King. She pulls him aside and tells him she knows about his engagement. She asks him if it’s true. He admits that it is true and that he has a kid. Danny is hurt and lashes out at him. He says that she never admitted having feelings for him, and Raquel loves him for him. Danielle goes off. Azia steps in, and Santos gets Darnell away from the party. He tells Santos in private that he loves Raquel, and then admits to having played with Danny’s emotions.

Azia and Jesse take Danny outside where she breaks down into tears. Meanwhile, Santos tells Darnell to clip Danny because she’s wild and a problem. He asks Darnell King about his feeling for her and he replies that it’s a gray area. They go back to the party while Azia and Jesse help Danny get home.

Although this first episode was full of drama, this is just the beginning. Next week’s episode appears to be an even juicier one. The relationships of these millennials will likely continue to push the limits. So stay tuned to BET to see more from the talented cast of Hustle in Brooklyn.

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