‘Hustle in Brooklyn’ Recap: Baggy Scores Big With Eva – Alicia Betrays Ivy? – Darnell’s Engagement Off?

Hustle in Brooklyn Recap of episode two covers Baggy Large (Ron Walker) scoring points with Eva Evans. Plus, Alicia Gooding betrays Ivy Rivera depending on the viewpoint. Danielle Rosias gets lit, and Darnell King jeopardizes his own engagement.

In a nutshell, this episode of BET’s Hustle in Brooklyn is full of fires. It doesn’t look like they will be extinguished any time soon.

Baggy Large Shoots His Shot at Eva Evans – Hustle in Brooklyn Recap

Episode two of Hustle in Brooklyn opens with stand-up comedian Eva Evans performing to a crowded room. Her her mom and rapper, Baggy Large are sitting in the audience. She jokes about growing up with a Jamaican mother and absentee dad. Afterwards, Eva and Baggy grab some pizza and eat it on the street while leaning against a car. They talk about past relationships and bond over their Jamaican heritage. Baggy admits that his last relationship was last summer. Eva teases him then confess that hers was three years ago.

Eva Evans shares with Hustle in Brooklyn watchers details about her previous engagement. It ended when she learned her fiancé got another woman pregnant. The woman was already five months along. She claims that this was her first life changing tragedy and its what led her to comedy. It helps her deal with the heartbreak. Baggy Large tells her that his dad is locked up and that’s why he turns to music. She says she respects him. He tells her that she’s funny and she confesses that compliment means more to her than being told she’s pretty. Baggy offers to take Eva home and she accepts.

HiB Danny Rosias Confides in Azia Toussaint

Instagram model, Danielle Rosias talks to singer, Azia Toussaint about her relationship drama with Darnell King. Danny says that she was so mad, because Darnell tried to deny being engaged when she confronted him. She claims that they last hooked up about a week ago. Danny is unsure at this point if she wants him to continue being her manager. Azia expresses concern about Danny hosting her upcoming showcase. Azia reminds her that business comes first, and she doesn’t mess with anyone that is messy. So, Danielle says that she is going to clip Darnell, because he doesn’t know how to act.

Later, on Hustle in Brooklyn, Azia Toussaint meets Santos Garcia at a table. She spills to Santos about her conversation with Danny. She thinks that the situation is deeper than just being about Darnell’s engagement. Azia explains that Danny is hurt, because she feels played by Darnell. Santos agrees that it should be about doing good business and not being messy. However, Azia thinks that Santos is messy by association. Santos assures her that he spoke with Darnell and told him that he needs to do right by his fiancé and child. Azia proudly announces that she setup a showcase for herself and invites Santos to peep it. She promises that it will be lit.

Darnell King’s Engagement in Jeopardy – Hustle in BK

On this episode of Hustle in Brooklyn, Music producer, Darnell King meets Santos Garcia and some other fellas at a diner. He recaps the drama of the Brick House party. He claims that he doesn’t understand why Danny behaved that way. According to him, she knew what it was. Santos says that it looks like Danny caught feelings. Nevertheless, Darnell feels he needs to know, because he has invested time and money. All of his friends disagree. They warn him to clip her and cut his losses. They advise him that no amount of money is worth losing his family. However, it appears that Darnell isn’t trying to hear that just yet.

Next, Darnell King and his fiancé, Raquel go for a walk through the park along the water on Hustle in Brooklyn. They find a shady spot to sit. Raquel asks what happened at the Brick House party after she left. Darnell tells her that Danny Rosias popped up. Raquel looks shocked and worried. Darnell explains that he and Santos are currently working with Azia Toussaint and Danny is her friend. But, he also assures her that Danny is in the past and that her, their son, Ashton and Brick House Studios are all that matter to him. He confesses that he told Danny to leave, but Raquel doesn’t appear to buy his version of events. Raquel says that there must be some reason that he felt the need to tell her. She gets upset and walks away leaving Darnell alone with his thoughts.

HiB Alicia Gooding Protects Baggy’s Interest – Ivy Rivera Gets Emotional

Flash forward, Radio host Jesse Brown is wrapping up a successful photo shoot with rapper, Skrapp. Ivy Rivera pitches to new clients. Danny shoots a skit. Alicia Gooding meets Baggy, and they talk about the direction of his career. She explains that she introduced him to Alan, the President of Urban at eOne. Hustle in Brooklyn‘s Baggy wants to know where does that leave Ivy. Alicia breaks it down stating that she didn’t feel Ivy was that confident in him. She feels justified because she had a job to do and so she did it. At the end of the day, Ivy does not pay her bills. So she is only protecting her client, Baggy’s interest, not Ivy’s.

Ivy Rivera greets Jesse Brown at a carnival with a hug and a smile in Hustle in Brooklyn. Jesse wins a prize for Ivy, and then, they sit by the beach. Ivy shares she finds herself currently at a crossroads. She recalls beginning her career as a radio host, but sadly had to let it go when she got her job at eOne. She admits she is figuring out her path in life. Jesse and Ivy discuss having similar backgrounds. Her dad was locked up when she was young and she remembers watching her mom struggle. Jesse never knew his father. Sometimes, his family was homeless. He remembers washing up at McDonalds, and his mom focusing on securing a job. Hence, his drive to remain focused. He says they have so much to hustle for. Ivy gets emotional.

Darnell King Apologizes – Alicia Gooding Betrays Ivy?- Hustle in Brooklyn Recap

Next, Danny Rosias visits Darnell King at Brick House Studios. He says,  “Talk to me”. However, Danny says that she doesn’t have much to say. He reminds her that she knew that he was engaged and had a son. She argues that he only told her that he was messing with a girl and she got pregnant. He made it seem innocent and unattached. Darnell admits that becoming physical blurred the lines of their professional relationship. He calls himself, the bad guy and confesses that he was thinking with the wrong head. However, he doesn’t want to lose her as a friend. Danny laughs at his absurdity. Darnell apologizes and Danny tells him that she doesn’t accept it. Then, she leaves upset.

Alicia Gooding and Baggy Large arrive to meet with Alan at eOne. Hustle in Brooklyn‘s Ivy Rivera is in a meeting with Alan as she sees Alicia and Baggy walk past the glass windows of the conference room. Alan’s receptionist lets him know that his appointment is here. Baggy tells Alan that he has been rapping since he was 14 and doing rap battles. Alicia give her pitch to Alan. Meanwhile, Ivy questions Alan’s receptionist about the meeting and learns that Alicia set it up. Ivy leaves for the rest of the day. Alan requests hard core tracks from Baggy, and Alicia says, no problem.

HiB Alicia Gooding Makes New Friend – Danny Gets Lit – Azia Kills It

Danny Rosias arrives at the showcase, and Azia warns her that she invited Darnell King and Santos Garcia. Azia is really excited for them to see her perform. Especially, since it is her first solo event. Danny says that she doesn’t want to argue with anyone. She is only there to work. Santos gives Darnell a pep talk about Danny and asks him to really watch Azia’s performance. He wants Darnell’ honest opinion. Meanwhile Alicia is called a beautiful B** by a stranger. He introduces himself as Black Rose and tells her that she has a beautiful smile. She entertains his flirting, and he confides that he just got home from prison. Soon after, Alicia walks away.

Later on Hustle in Brooklyn, Danny gets on stage to introduce Azia. However, she says she isn’t feeling the crowd and someone else takes over. Nevertheless, Azia comes out wearing a jeweled leotard with matching head piece and gives a killer performance. Her parents are very proud. Santos tells Azia they will get in the studio soon. Darnell says she’s a star.

Then, Darnell seeks out Danny and questions how many drinks she had. He said she looks like she had about ten. He expresses that he would rather help her than have her being taken advantage of by other producers. Danny tells Darnell that if he saw where she lived he would probably cry. She lives about ten minutes away from his studio and she grew up with nothing. He says that their situations are similar and he just needs to know if they can work together. Danny assures, she’s cool.

Ivy Vents About Alicia – Marco’s Birthday Turn Up – Hustle in BK

Eva Evans and Ivy visit Azia at the shop. Excitedly, they ask about her show. She boasts about the turn up and tells them that Danny dropped the ball by getting drunk. Inadvertently, the conversation switches to Baggy. Eva says he came through and he looked good. Then, Ivy vents about Alicia’s betrayal and says that if Alicia speaks to her, she doesn’t know what she will do. She is upset that Alicia set up a meeting with Alan around her and didn’t even give her a heads up. Besides, Baggy doesn’t even have a lot of content.

Meanwhile on Hustle in Brooklyn, Alicia has a glass of wine with Marco and Randy to celebrate Marco’s birthday. She tells them her side of the story. According to Alicia, Ivy never got back to her about a meeting so she had to make money moves. She doesn’t feel bad at all because it’s business. In addition, it worked because Alan loved him. Next, Marco and Randy tease Alicia about Black Rose. She kids about wanting to lick his face and everyone laughs.

Ivy Rivera Confronts Alicia Gooding – Hustle in Brooklyn Recap

At eOne, Ivy updates her boss, Alan, about her projects. She asks him how the meeting with Baggy and Alicia happened. He explains that Alicia coordinated it. Ivy tells Alan that Baggy isn’t ready to be signed because he is underdeveloped. Also, she hasn’t seen him perform, etc. Alan says he has her back. Ivy appears pleased.

Later, Alicia goes out with Randy and Marco to continue the birthday celebration. She runs into Eva on BET’s Hustle in Brooklyn. They sit and Eva questions Alicia’s relationship with Baggy. She doesn’t want to step on any toes if Baggy was her man. Alicia says it’s all clear.

Afterward, Ivy runs into Eva, as well and Eva shares the news, and then also Baggy appears. Ivy lets Baggy in on the situation with her and Alicia. He says that Alicia told him that Ivy was more like a glorified intern and just a pawn in the scheme of things. Ivy takes offense and says that he should be having more conversations with her since she is the one at the label. She says they should not have gone to Alan without her. Alicia walks upon thee conversation and asks what’s up. Ivy say, you tell me. All eyes on Alicia.

That’s it for episode two. This cast is extremely fire and full of passion. Never know what will happen next. So, stay tuned to BET to see more from the talented cast of Hustle in Brooklyn.

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