‘Hustle in Brooklyn’ Alicia Gooding Claps Back in Baggy Large Twitter Battle

Hustle in Brooklyn news has Alicia Gooding and Baggy Large (Ron Walker) involved in a Twitter war. The HiB disagreement arose a few days ago when Baggy made a claim about not knowing Alicia before the show aired. Alicia aka MsGooding on Twitter clapped back with screenshots of text messages that she sent to him to help him with the application process.

Baggy Large Track Sales Lack Steam – Hustle in Brooklyn

On Hustle in Brooklyn, Episode 1, Alicia meets with Baggy and offers to turn him into a star. She begins introducing him to music executives such as label coordinator Ivy Rivera. Alicia also goes above Ivy’s head and masterminds a meeting with Ivy’s boss on his behalf. So, it appears that Alicia is willing to go hard for Baggy Large. If that is the case, then why is he coming for her now?

Some believe that HiB Baggy Large is looking to gain free publicity. He doesn’t have nearly as many Twitter followers compared to MsGooding. So far, he has a total of 80 including BET and at least 3 other of the cast. Also, his music sales have been less than booming. So, he fires off on Twitter with tweets that read, “If you made Baggy Large make another one”,  and “Show me the receipts! Lol”. It is assumed that these comments are directed to MsGooding since she responded:

Alicia Gooding Claps Back with Receipts

It appears that Baggy messed with the wrong woman because Alicia Gooding doesn’t stop there. The publicist claps back with receipts and reminds him that she got him on the show. She posted screenshots of texts pre-dating the show’s BET premiere.

Alicia also shows Hustle in Brooklyn fans Baggy Large’s music streams on sound cloud and tweets, “…What’s LARGE?!!!!” MsGooding advises the artist to stay in his lane by focusing on his music. She claims no one is listening to it. Ouch!

Alicia Gooding Responsible for Baggy Large’s Career? – HiB

Hustle in Brooklyn news shows, according to MsGooding, she helped Baggy Large through the casting process all the way up to contracts. She sent him production schedules and cost information. She calls him out for lying and tells him that she is the reason he’s getting a check. Alicia schools him and says all he needs to do is say “Thank You”.

Baggy Large has not posted a public response. It appears that he has quieted down for now. Maybe he is taking Alicia’s advice to concentrate on his music. Or, perhaps he is looking for receipts of his own.

Hustle in BK fans will just have to wait to see how this plays out in the long run. Hopefully, Baggy Large has learned not to ever come for Alicia unless he can back it up. In the meantime, stay tuned to HiB airing Tuesdays at 10 EST on BET.

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