How Many Times Was Brooke Married on ‘Bold and the Beautiful’?

Bold and the Beautiful ended on a cliffhanger during the quarantine and left Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) hanging on her future with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye). She thinks their marriage is firm again, but her hubby seems less than enthused. With this latest drama, some fans are asking how many times has Brooke Logan been married on B&B. Here’s the info you need.

Is Brooke Logan’s Latest Marriage on Bold and the Beautiful Done and Dusted?

Things look rough for Brooke Logan with Ridge because she had to get his pilot to kidnap him from Las Vegas. Then, the moment she walked out of the room, Ridge phoned Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards). Plus, Brooke signed divorce papers, and Ridge may have filed them.

So, when Bold and the Beautiful returns, Brooke Logan may be shocked to learn Ridge divorced her. He seems intent on pursuing his new romance. Plus, a leaker from behind the scene reveals Ridge and Shauna have a big love scene coming once shooting resumes at B&B.

Perhaps Brooke Logan thought this time was the charm for them since they’ve been married so many times. But no, it looks like this one crashed and burned. Fun fact – Brooke and Ridge walked down the aisle 11 times on Bold and the Beautiful but only married a few of those times legally.

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) - Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye)

How Many Times Has Brooke Been Married on B&B?

First, it’s tough to count her marriages on Bold and the Beautiful because some were interrupted, some weren’t valid, and others failed because they didn’t consummate. Suffice to say that Brooke Logan’s love life is a hot mess. But we’ll try and break down her marriages.

Brooke Logan’s first hitching on Bold and the Beautiful was to Eric Forrester (John McCook) in 1991. They got divorced a year later. Then in 1994, she married Ridge for the first time, but that marriage wasn’t legal, as fans found out in ’95.

Then, Brooke Logan married Grant Chambers (Charles Grant) on Bold and the Beautiful. That marriage was also invalid because, you know, paperwork is hard when you collect that many husbands… Brooke married Ridge again in 1998, but annulment ended that go-round.

She Married So Many Times on Bold and the Beautiful

Then on B&B, Brooke Logan married another Forrester – this time Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon), but that ended by annulment. Then, in dropped Whipple Jones (Rick Hearst) for a 2002 wedding and annulment on Bold and the Beautiful.

The following year, Brooke Logan had two ceremonies with Ridge in 2003. She called off one thinking Ridge had a thing for one of her daughters. Then they settled that and eloped later. Ridge “died,” then came back alive. So, she married him again in 2004.

The next year on Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke Logan bounced around and married his dad again, followed by marriage to Nick Marone (Jack Wagner). Then, a death interrupted a 2006 wedding with Ridge. Later, they wed twice in 2009 due to a paperwork glitch. But there’s more. She’s had more husbands than most women can count (see pic below).

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) - Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) - Eric Forrester (John McCook) - Nick Marone - Whipple Jomes - Grant Chambers - Thorne Forrester

How Many Husbands and Weddings Has Brook Had on Bold and the Beautiful?

Brooke married Ridge again in 2012, then they split. Katie Logan (Heather Tom) disrupted a 2014 Brooke-Ridge wedding because she was hot for the groom. In 2017, Brooke married Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) after years of creeping around.

And in 2018, once more with Ridge on Bold and the Beautiful, she went to the altar. Now, Brooke and Ridge signed divorce papers (that he may have filed). So, here’s the husband count: seven — with some as repeat offenders. Brooke married Eric, Ridge, Grant, Thorne, Whipple, Nick, and Bill.

But the latter five only put a ring on her finger once. Eric married her twice. And as for Ridge, that’s a complicated number because of many glitches. So, will Brooke Logan’s latest marriage survive her betraying him with Bill and Ridge’s infatuation with Shauna? Wait and see.

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