‘Hoarders’: Tony Dies Alone in Dirty Home – Leaves Behind Brother

Hoarders featured brothers Tony and Ray and their hoarded home they share together. Events take a turn for the worst for the brothers when something unexpected happened.

Hoarders: Ray Made the Mess, and Tony Just Lives In it

Hoarders brothers Tony and Ray have lived in their home for over 50 years now. It’s barely hanging on. Bottles have pushed open the siding of the walls and have spilled out to the outside. There is no plumbing anymore, and the tub and toilet are filled to the brim. The tub is the worst of it because they use it as a urinal. Due to the state of their home, they have to clean it or move out.

The rooms that they live in are barely accessible. Ray and Tony from Hoarders have to climb over piles twice as high as they are to reach the bottom of the room where they sit and watch television. Due to the number of things they have, the house is due to cave in at any moment. Tony admits that the mess is all his and that Ray just puts up with it.

Hoarders: Tony - Ray

Why Has It Taken So Long To Address The Problem?

Hoarders personalities Ray and Tony live in a home that is clearly not a home most people would live in. When cameras asked Tony why he hasn’t tried to stop Ray and his hoarding habits, his answer was simple. He doesn’t like to fight. That is not how they were taught to deal with things. He says even though the mess does bother him, he puts up with it to make his brother happy.

Things only became aware to the state when a fire broke out in the brothers’ home. Ray brought home a refrigerator he found on the side of the road. It turns out that the fridge had a faulty plug and sparked and caught the kitchen on fire. Tony from Hoarders woke up to the fire crackling sound, and luckily, the fire department was able to take care of the fire. When his neighbor got scared that another fire could destroy her home as well, she called the state.

Hoarders: Ray

Hoarders: Ray Loses His Best Friend

Hoarders stars two brothers Tony and Ray trying hard to get their house into a livable place for them. Unfortunately, when camera crews arrived the morning that they were supposed to start cleaning, Ray let them know that Tony has passed the night before. In shock, the crew scrambles around, trying to figure out the next step.

Ray from Hoarders says that if they are still willing to help get would love to get his house clean. Everyone gathers to help the house come together, and while they leave him with some work to do, he is much safer in the clear upstairs of the home.

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