‘Hoarders’: Patrick Sisson Convicted Predator

Hoarders star Patrick Sisson is a convicted predator who has a history of attacking young women. However, he’s got a long list of other criminal offenses in his past, too.

Hoarders: Patrick Sisson Strange Collecting Habit

Patrick Sisson on Hoarders originally introduces himself as Patrick Donovan Flanagan O’Shannahan. But, he also referred to himself as Sir Patrick. When featured on the A&E hit show, he showed off his strange collecting habit. In his house that he rented, he collected a large assortment of dolls. However, he claimed that his “unique” collection has a value of more than $50,000. He claims to enjoy collecting dolls that mimic the appearance of young children because they remind him of his 9-year old neighbor.

Patrick Sisson from Hoarders referred to himself as “King Arthur”, “Peter Pan”, and “the White Knight” while filming his episode. He claims his addiction is to “beauty” as he talks about how much he enjoys beautiful women. But, he claims his real problem is with “beauty”, as he says he likes flowers too.

However, Hoarders didn’t take the opportunity to identify Patrick’s real name.

Hoarders: Patrick Sisson

Convicted Offender Arrested Six Times

Patrick Sisson from Hoarders has an upsetting past that isn’t revealed on the show. He’s got a very large rap sheet, which has a whole assortment of different crimes highlighted in it. With all of the different offenses he’s been imprisoned for, he’s got a lot of different mugshots that show how Patrick’s aged throughout the years.

At first, Patrick Sisson from Hoarders is captured and convicted in 1981. This arrest is for an attempt at a perverted attack on a student from Eastern Michigan University. The teenager was 18-years old at the time of the attack. During the incident, Patrick took the teen and three of their friends to a high-end restaurant. After spending more than $300 and paying with a bad check, he gave the students a ride back to their dorms.

However, the victim highlights that the car ride with Hoarders star Patrick Sisson turned sour. During the ride, he pressured the teen to take her pants off and when she refused, he bent her fingers backward. After breaking the student’s glasses, Patrick began to strangle the student. The victim was able to get away after biting down on his thumb, nearly biting it off.

Hoarders: Patrick Sisson

Hoarders: Why Was Patrick Sisson’s Episode Pulled From A&E?

Patrick Sisson from Hoarders is convicted of this offense. But, he’s also got more arrests on his record. In Florida, he’s been in trouble for failing to register as an offender. Also, he’s got fraud, trespassing, and aggravated battery on his record.

In 2002, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office lists Patrick from Hoarders is jailed for pushing down a woman who’s 72-years old. He pushed her down after they got into a small car accident with one another. Due to the violence that he chose, she ended up breaking her hip.

A&E has pulled Patrick Sisson’s episode from the air and from streaming services because of his criminal past coming to light.

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