‘Hoarders’: Dolores’ Belongings Are Covered in Mouse Poop

Hoarders fans witnessed Dolores’ belongings covered in mouse poop and pee. How did her hoarding get so bad?

Hoarders: It Started in the Garage

Dolores had so much stuff all throughout her house in Hoarders, especially in the garage. The team targeted the garage first. As everyone went through her belongings, everyone saw mouse poop and pee.

When they brought the items to Dolores, she was going through the belongings as if she wanted to keep them. She was also touching the items without gloves on. The cleaning experts on Hoarders warned her that she could contaminate herself by touching the mouse poop. They advised her to throw out the belongings covered in mouse poop.

Hoarders: Dolores

Why Does Dolores Have So Much Stuff?

Dolores is a shopaholic. We learned on Hoarders she’s not only a cancer survivor but was the caregiver to her late mother. She would shop as an escape from everything. Unfortunately, her buying habits spiraled out of control.

We also learned on Hoarders that her shopping and hoarding started causing rifts between her and her husband’s marriage. It was also creating tension between her kids; Dolores was prioritizing her belongings overseeing her grandchildren and having them visit, upsetting her daughter.

How did Dolores cope with all of these problems? She continued shopping. When her husband threatened to leave, she would shop. She knew that her shopping and buying upset her husband, so she would buy stuff as a way to get back at him.

Because of her stubbornness, her family practically gave up on her. It came to the point where her family had to go through her stuff on Hoarders because Dolores wanted to keep so many of her belongings.

When the Hoarders cleaning team visited, they noticed Dolores was beyond not letting things go. She would sort things individually and the cleanup process was taking forever. Dolores had 12 tons of stuff in her home and the team would need the full three days in order to go through everything and get her home back in order.

Hoarders‘ Dr. David Tolin also noticed the family was intimidated by Dolores. Her family was sneaky, hiding the fact that they were throwing away her Christmas decorations. Dr. Tolin explained that wasn’t the right way to go about it, and he worked with Dolores throughout the entire episode to help her throw away her belongings.

Hoarders: Dolores

Hoarders: Where Is Dolores Now?

The Hoarders cleaning team was able to clean up her whole house, throwing away 12 tons of stuff. The home looks as good as new. Dolores’s family members were in tears when they saw the clean house. Hopefully, Dolores will receive the additional help she needs and won’t hoard in the future.

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