‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Sisters Spiral – Maggie, Amelia and Meredith

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy returns tonight with three sisters spiraling. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) hits a professional low note. While Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) must come clean about her baby. Meanwhile, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is tempted by a new man but unsure about another. Check out the hot action tonight on the ABC Drama.

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Maggie Pierce Twists Out of Control

On tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy, we’ll see more of Maggie Pierce reeling as she tries to cope with the first real failure of her life. Last time, Maggie was served legal papers blaming her for the death of her cousin Sabrina Webber (Crystal McCreary). So, there’s that to deal with. Plus, she quit her job at Grey-Sloan.

If you had to take several second looks on Grey’s Anatomy when you saw Maggie Pierce and Sabrina onscreen together that’s because they’re played by real-life sisters. This may be the worst that Maggie Pierce has life has ever been given that she’s also on the outs with Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams).

The actress said in a recent interview that we’ll see Maggie Pierce having a total breakdown. But, she also said she’s excited to see what’s next for Maggie and her “rebirth” after she hits rock bottom on Grey’s Anatomy. And there’s the question of whether her sisters will have time for her given their current crises.

Amelia Shepherd’s Got Double Baby Daddy Drama

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers question that a doctor should know better than to skip out on ultrasounds. But, Amelia Shepherd finally got hers on the last episode and found out she’s four weeks further along with her pregnancy. That means it’s far less likely that she’s carrying Atticus Lincoln (Chris Carmack) baby then her ex’s.

Remember, last week she tried to come clean to Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) but then he and Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) blurted out their engagement news on Grey’s Anatomy. So, it was kind of an awkward time. Should Amelia Shepherd shout “hey I’ve got a bun in my oven” right as he put a ring on her finger. But, the truth must come out.

Tonight, Amelia goes to Linc and tells him the baby might not be his. And this will be as hard on Grey’s Anatomy fans as on him because he was truly excited. Of course, Amelia Shepherd must also go tell Owen the news. For a guy who never thought he’d have any kids, he might have three so it’s a minor miracle for the guy.

Meredith Grey’s in a Grey’s Anatomy Love Triangle

Well Meredith Grey’s two sisters deal with more serious issues, the older sis has love on her mind. Because, she and Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) are in a rough spot. DeLuca feels like Meredith doesn’t see him as her equal. But, the deeper problem is that he doesn’t see himself that way. So is “Merluca” toast on Grey’s Anatomy?

Also, Meredith must think about the sexy Irish package that Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) sent her. We’ll see more scenes tonight between Meredith Grey and McWidow, AKA Cormac Hayes Richard Flood). Grey’s Anatomy sparks fly. No doubt, DeLuca takes note of Dr Hayes and Meredith’s interaction and sees they’re on more equal footing.

Greys Anatomy: McWidow - Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood) - Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)

Already, Grey’s Anatomy teased Meredith in the love triangle. But that was between Linc and DeLuca. So, will Meredith Grey balance her time between DeLuca and McWidow? Or will she call it off with her Italian Stallion before moving on to the broody Irishman on the ABC Drama?

Be sure to watch tonight to see all the sisters swirling through drama as Meredith Grey, Amelia Shepherd, and Maggie Pierce, deal with their issues

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