‘Gold Rush’: Parker Warns Crew to Be Careful with Big New Addition

Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel puts on his big boy hat to deliver a warning to his crew as he rolls into the mining site on Friday’s episode. But it looks like the Gold Rush cast is too busy drooling over what Parker brings with him for that warning to fully sink in. This new episode rolls out on the Discovery Channel Friday night with some happy miners ready to tackle the job.

The scene around the Gold Rush site starts to look like kids on Christmas morning. Eyes light up resembling children when first seeing Santa’s offerings under the tree. But this isn’t the anticipation of kids waiting to play with their new train set. No, you got a crew of adults hyped-up to go to work, thanks to Parker Schnabel’s new addition.

Gold Rush: Parker Schnabel Brings Out the Big Guns

It seems Parker took a good look at the Gold Rush future last spring and decided to get proactive. With the end of their water contract looming, time is of the essence. In order to get all the gold nestled in the dirt on their site into their bank accounts, they need to move quickly.

So without saying anything, the head of the Gold Rush team invested some money so they could beat the clock. Parker has only got one-year before his water contract runs out with the state. Once that gets cut-off, this section of the earth gets to keep its gold.

The 25-year-old Parker Schnabel is young for the two Gold Rush hats he attempts to wear since the death of his much-loved grandfather, John Schnabel. Back in 2016, the 96-year-old elder Schnabel died.

Parker Schnabel inherited grandpa’s Gold Rush mining operation. So not only does he look out for their claim as the owner, but he also wears the hat of foreman lately. Needless to say, this leaves him with a lot on his plate.

But Parker’s grandfather took him under his wing when he was just a mere lad. So age doesn’t get in the way of this third-generation gold miner knowing his way around the mining site.

Gold Rush: Parker Schnabel

Rolling Tons of Excitement Into Schnabel Camp

So it appears Parker Schnabel upped the game when he rolls into the Gold Rush camp on a huge excavator. With a price tag somewhere in the half-a-million-dollar ballpark, this is one serious piece of machinery. So on Friday’s episode, fans get to see Parker deliver the Volvo Excavator to his crew on Gold Rush.

For those who know nothing about horsepower or the size load Parker’s new toy can move, let’s just say it’s a game-changer to their work. For others who are into specs, this Volvo 750 excavator comes equipped with 500 horsepower. So this comes with a lot of power. It’s at the ready to move all the dirt harboring those coveted gold nuggets.

Speaking of dirt, the astronomically huge bucket can hold up to 8.5 tons of dirt. So these Gold Rush boys have some power behind them now. This one piece of machinery can make a world of difference in the amount of gold they extract from the land around them.

Gold Rush: Take Heed of Parker’s Warning

So when this huge toy comes to the site, everyone is chomping at the bit to get in the operator’s seat. But it’s Brennan Ruault, the crew’s machine operator, who is at the ready to tackle this big toy.

But on Friday night’s Gold Rush, that’s not going to happen until Parker Schnabel says his piece. He passes along a warning to anyone who plans to climb into the dirt-moving-beast. He tells his crew that if see scratched paint or dented panels, then they don’t get to go back home. He says he they will get “lashings” if the machine is damaged.

Then Brennan plops himself in the driver seat but he still can’t contain his excitement. “This thing is pimp” he bellows out to his Gold Rush co-workers.

It looks like Parker Schnabel found a way to deal with the water rights problem. With this payloader at the hands of his team, it appears he plans to move heaven and earth before the cut off of the water.

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