‘Ghost Nation’ Original ‘Ghost Hunters’ Trio is Back – Rock Stars of Paranormal Investigating

Ghost Nation premieres Friday night with the original Ghost Hunters team of Jason Hawes, Dave Tango, and Steve Gonsalves together once again. It looks like paranormal enthusiasts will recognize these three. It seems many people believe these guys played a big part in creating the whole TV paranormal investigation frenzy.

Ghost Nation with Ghost Hunters Stars: Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Jason Hawes

Probably the most memorable from the cast of the Ghost Hunters is Jason Hawes. While he was at the helm of Ghost Hunters, he co-starred with Grant Wilson. At the time, his team of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) was located in Rhode Island. But they traveled the world to investigate reports of the paranormal.

While fans remember the hunting of other worldly things, Jason also worked as a plumber by day. Then it was a quick change to hunt wayward spirits with his TAPS crew on Ghost Hunters. Now the three men hunt ghosts in Ghost Nation.

It appears the opening credits for that show were also memorable. They showed Jason with Grant, his co-partner at TAPs in their two roles. The duo stood by their plumbing van which morphed into a TAPS van for their paranormal investigations. Jason and Grant’s empathy for families experiencing paranormal events is memorable.

Ghost Nation: Jason Hawes - Steve Gonsalves

Fear of Flying – Lots of Empathy – Scary Situations

Jason will use that empathy again for Ghost Nation as the team helps those terrorized by paranormal activities in their home. But fans of that show can’t forget Dave Tango or Steve Gonsalves who were a big part of that series.

All three men easily became fan favorites for what each individually brought with them to the show. It looks like Dave Gonsalves is fearless when it comes to hunting the paranormal. But there’s something that does scare him – flying. When Ghost Hunters went to Ireland, he made it as far as the tarmac at the airport. But his fear caused him to turn around and stay behind.

On Friday, October 11, Ghost Nation makes its debut on the Travel Channel. These guys started their Ghost Hunters show back in 2004 before a lot of the new technology used today to investigate paranormal activity was available. But they really caught the attention of those at home interested in the paranormal and even those who weren’t.

Ghost Nation: The Chair at Race Rock Lighthouse to the Toy That Won’t Shut Off

Their ground-breaking investigations on Ghost Hunters offered some of the first glimpses of paranormal events on camera. One of the scariest moments caught on film was at a lighthouse. When Jason and his Ghost Hunters crew investigated one of the many old lighthouses something amazing happened.

They caught on camera a chair moving all on its own. It was creepy and one of the most compelling bits of evidence of the paranormal. It even turned the heads of many of the skeptics out there.

For the premiere of Ghost Nation, Jason, Dave, and Steve investigate a home. It seems the family living there believes a ghost of a little boy is raising havoc. Apparently the paranormal activity includes a toy. A remote control car that stops and goes at any hour of the day or night is part of the report.

For sure, paranormal enthusiasts will flock to the Travel Channel on October 11. That’s this Friday, so you can catch Jason, Steve, and Dave in their premiere episode of Ghost Nation. Check your local guide for the time in your area.

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