‘Ghost Adventures’ Spoilers: Zak Bagans Hosts Terrifying Live Halloween Special

Ghost Adventures lead investigator Zak Bagans takes Halloween to a new haunted level. Zak and Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley will host a live special October 31st. Paranormal fans craving new and terrifying encounters with the crew are in for a spooky treat.

Ghost Adventures: Halloween Night Will Feature Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

Zak, Aaron, Jay and Billy investigate Zak’s Las Vegas Haunted Museum Halloween night. Travel Channel announced the Ghost Adventures Live special is a whopping four hours. Fans have a front row seat as the crew takes them on the haunted tour of a lifetime.

The Halloween special features investigations of demonic possessions in the museum with some surprises along the way. Viewers can expect to see special guests along with other frightening surprises.

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Zak Bagans Announces Haunted Museum Closure For Ghost Adventures Special

Ghost Adventures lead investigator and owner of the Haunted Museum, Zak Bagans, announced museum closure dates because of the special. The Haunted Museum website lists closure dates of October 28-31 for the Travel Channel Halloween special so don’t plan a visit then!

Fans over the age of 16 can venture through Zak’s terrifying collection of haunted goods during business hours. Ghostly tour, guests must sign a waiver acknowledging the risks they are taking in the museum. Along with the regular waiver, some exhibits are “demonic”, so guests must sign a special waiver to enter the specified room.

Zak’s Haunted Museum is home to some of the scariest possessions in existence

Zak’s museum contains many haunted objects but the scariest by far is the world-renowned Dybbuk Box. This ancient wine cabinet inspired the movie The Possession and is said to be the most haunted object in the world. Zak and guests witnessed a black cloaked figure moving through closed doors near the box so it’s an exciting exhibit.

Most noteworthy is the original wooden staircase from Zak’s Indiana Demon House. While installing the staircase at the museum, several construction workers walked off the job. Other creepy possessions include Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s death van and a chair from the room where Micheal Jackson died – and that should have fans talking.

Ghost Adventures New Episodes Lead Up To Halloween Special

Travel Channel renamed October to “Ghostober” because of all the scary shows airing throughout the month. One of the most anticipated is new episodes of Ghost Adventures.

October 6 kicks off a four-part Ghost Adventures miniseries. The miniseries, Graveyard of the Pacific, features several investigations of haunted locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is a four-part series leading up to the live Halloween event.

Ghost Adventures Halloween Special Excitement

It’s a Ghost Adventures tradition to air a special on Halloween night. Dread Central reports over 4 million fans tuned in last Halloween. Last year’s special also included Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum and most importantly, the famous Annabelle doll.

Ghost Adventures should have another Halloween success because millions should tune in for the live event. The October 31st special should be just as big as previous years.

Which Zak Bagans Haunted Museum Goodies Made The Show?

Check back for more Ghost Adventures spoilers and information on the live Halloween special. Closer to then, Zak and the crew should offer hints and previews via social media but one thing is certain. Halloween looks to be eerily entertaining with the Zak and the boys live from Las Vegas.

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