‘Ghost Adventures’ Spoilers: Zak Bagans and Crew Hosts Four-Hour Live Halloween Investigation

Ghost Adventures with Zak Bagans is about to make Halloween night a lot more terrifying. Lead investigator Zak Bagans is planning to make paranormal history. He’s going to host a live four-hour investigation of his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Zak Bagans Live Investigation Marks Haunted Museum’s One Year Anniversary 

What better way to celebrate Zak’s Haunted Museum success than to have him investigate live. He will host along with, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley investigate live. Seems like Halloween night is the perfect choice for Zak Bagans and the crew to commemorate the one year anniversary of the museum.

The four-hour investigation features special guest host John Gates of Expedition Unknown. Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay will push themselves harder than they ever have before. The Ghost Adventures crew will investigate the 33 rooms in the mansion as well as other haunted objects located inside.

Ghost Adventures Live Crew Investigates World’s Most Haunted Object

The Travel Channel shared news detailing some of what is expected during the live investigation. Zak Bagans will attempt to open the infamous Dybbuk Box. The box is an ancient wine cabinet that is believed to house a very malicious spirit. Zak himself has witnessed a black cloaked figure moving through closed doors where the box is located.

Furthermore, along with investigating the Dybbuk Box, Zak, Aarron, Jay and Billy will interact with Peggy the Doll. Peggy is dangerous and believed to cause heart attacks.

Zak Bagans Excited to Share Haunted Museum Experience With Fans

Zak Bagans said, “I’m excited for fans to join us on this special LIVE investigation at my Haunted Museum, which has its own sinister history. Many dark rituals took place at the house in the 1970s, and the residual effects can still be felt.”

In conclusion Zak said, “After 10 years, our passion and enthusiasm for investigating the paranormal is only growing more powerful the more we develop our connections with every spirit and location we visit. So get ready for an unforgettable Halloween and some more incredible new episodes of ‘Ghost Adventures!’”

Ghost Adventures Live Lets Fans Help Investigate

More than 30 cameras will be positioned throughout the museum. GA fans can help the Ghost Adventures Live crew find real time evidence. The Travel Channel Facebook Live platform allows fans to monitor live video stream. Through this platform fans will be able to comment and report findings live using #GhostAdventuresLive.

Comments will feed directly to Travel Channel’s Social Command Center, monitored by digital host Andrew “GUNNAROLLA” Gunadie, who will share with Josh Gates and the “Ghost Adventures Live” team.

Many Special Guests Lined Up to Help Ghost Adventures Live Crew

The live Halloween event will feature many special guests and experts. These guests include Dave Schrader, Lady Snake, Chris Fleming, Michael and Marti Parry along with others.

While the crew has investigated demonic things many times before, Zak Bagans will have an ambulance and exorcist on site in case of an emergency. Then once the Dybbuk Box is opened, Zak’s not sure what nightmare awaits him. Regardless, this live television investigation is sure to go down as one of the best in history.

Ghost Adventures Has New Season Coming Soon

Following the conclusion of the Halloween special, Ghost Adventures fans will be wanting more lock-downs and fast! Fans will not wait long. A new season of Ghost Adventures airs November 3.

Along with the new season, fans will have the opportunity to enter giveaways. The grand prize will be a trip for two to Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum.

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