‘General Hospital’: Who Is Kendra Lennon and What Does She Want With Alexis Davis?

General Hospital fans wondering who is Kendra Lennon (Michelle Argyris) and what does she want with Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn)? She was first seen running an exercise boot camp that was attended by Alexis and Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy). When the ladies left to dine at the Metro Court, Kendra’s face suggested she’s up to no good.

Then she was shown reading articles on Alexis running down Kiefer Bauer (Christian Alexander). Later she appeared at the Metro Court to offer her services as a personal trainer. Diane blew her off but Alexis showed interest. Clearly, this mystery chick’s trying to get close to Alexis Davis. What are her reasons and what does it have to do with Kiefer?

General Hospital: Alexis Davis Ran Down Kiefer Bauer – Kendra Lennon Out For Revenge?

GH spoilers remind Kiefer was the abusive boyfriend of Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) but she kept his abuse a secret for a long time. When he was exposed, he took his rage out on Kristina and beat her severely. Then, Alexis found her daughter lying unconscious on the floor. While rushing her daughter to the hospital, she ran Kiefer down. After his death, Alexis came clean and was charged for the hit and run.

But, she only received community service – a slap on the wrist that infuriated Kiefer’s family. After he died, his vengeful father Warren Bauer (Bradley Cole) shot up GH. Then, the cops shot him. Also, his mother Melinda Bauer (Lisa Waltz) suffered mental issues after the loss of her son. GH spoilers wonder if new girl Kendra Lennon is Kiefer Bauer’s sister. If so, she would have very good reasons for wanting Alexis to pay on General Hospital.

On GH = Shiloh Archer Uses Kristina’s Pledge Against Her

General Hospital spoilers know that Kristina lied in her pledge for Dawn of Day. In it, she claimed she was awake and saw her mother deliberately run down Kiefer. The pledge’s legally useless against Alexis. But Shiloh repurposed it to cause collateral damage. He clearly doesn’t care about the abuse she suffered or the mental state her mom Alexis was in that night.

Shiloh made a phone call regarding the pledge. Soon after, Kendra Lennon showed up in Port Charles. She managed to worm her way into Alexis’s orbit several times. They last met at Charlie’s to discuss her new role as Alexis’s personal trainer. Alexis reviewed Kendra’s new holistic life plan for her. Then jokingly asked “Are you trying to kill me?“ It seems her light-hearted words were more of an ominous prediction for a General Hospital storyline.

Is Alexis In Danger on General Hospital from Kendra Lennon?

GH spoilers are sure that Alexis should be wary of her new personal trainer. Alexis screwed up her life – if Kendra Lennon’s really Kiefer’s sister – at least in her mind. The Bauer family’s not known for mental stability… With evil Shiloh in her ear, she’s probably itching to avenge her brother’s death. She could also be one of Shiloh’s Dawn of Day minions working on his orders based on Kristina’s false and useless pledge. Either way, Alexis should watch her back in the days ahead. Keep watching ABC daytime to what unfolds.

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