‘General Hospital’: Steve Burton & Bradford Anderson Talk Jason’s Dry Spell and Those Mossy Balls

General Hospital star Steve Burton, AKA Jason Morgan, and real-life bestie Bradford Anderson, AKA Damian Spinelli, talk GH in a brand new video. Viewers may know these two are BFFs and tour together in their band Port Chuck and for other events. See what they say about Spinelli’s attempt to reunite JaSam. And, about that mossy nightmare in the kitchen of Casa Corinthos on the ABC sudser.

General Hospital: Bradford Anderson & Steve Burton Address Stone Cold’s Lack of “Action”

Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson’s new video is truly hilarious. In it, they discuss Jason’s “dry spell”. Bradford explains the scheme Spinelli and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) contrived. No doubt, he wants to help them get their “sexy time” back on General Hospital, explains Bradford. Of course, Damian Spinelli failed and nearly got arrested. Also, Bradford Anderson shares his favorite line in that scene.

It’s when parole officer Delores Maloney (Andi Chapman) says she and the councilman were discussing city matters. And, Spinelli replied, “Doing it naked!”. So, not only did Damian Spinelli fail to help Sam and Jason get their life back on General Hospital. But, Bradford Anderson says Spinelli’s at fault that Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) fought with Sam and fell off the wagon. So, it doesn’t look good for JaSam hitting the hay anytime soon on GH.

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The Corinthos Mossy Centerpiece of on GH

Lately, on General Hospital, there is a big thing about the moss balls in the bowl on Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) kitchen island. Recently, the moss and Jason even had a scene together. Come to find out, it was Frank Valentini’s idea, explains Steve Burton. When they were shooting the GH scene, FV told Steve Burton he’d put the bowl near Jason Morgan.

Then, the showrunner told him to involve the mystery moss in the scene. So, that led to the scene of Jason slapping the moss bowl away. Of course, they joked if someone tells Jason Morgan to get rid of something, he usually shoots it and throws it into the harbor. Now, the bowl of mossy weirdness still draws comments on social media. Everyone has something to say about the balls of moss on General Hospital.

Also, Steve Burton doesn’t think they’re sanitary. Besides that, Bradford Anderson thought it was fake. It’s real and they even have someone trim it with tiny scissors every day. Additionally, Steve and Bradford agree someone should tie the mossy monstrosity to Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) and toss her off the pier. Since fans seem down on both the moss and Nelle, it might be a fitting end for both, on General Hospital.

Bradford Anderson and Friend Steve Discuss Odd COVID-19 Behavior

Also, Bradford and pal Steve of General Hospital discuss the creative ways people all over the world are dealing with COVID-19. In Wisconsin, someone tried to throw a parade while maintaining social distance. So, they all wore inflatable T-rex costumes. Then, about a week ago, a group in France got together to break a world record dressed as Smurfs.

They wanted to set the world record for the most people in Smurf costumes together at the same time but also during a pandemic. Of course, not a very smart move. Now, Steve Burton and BFF Bradford Anderson are happy to keep in touch with fans and offer laughs during this stressful time. So, fans of ABC’s GH can connect with Jason Morgan and Damian Spinelli both on daytime TV as well as online.

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