‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow Raped And Gave Baby Up For Adoption?

General Hospital spoilers tease Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) may be harboring a dark secret. It seems likely that Willow could be little “Wiley’s” birth mother according to hints from the ABC soap. However, Willow Tait may also be a victim of rape which would explain why she gave her baby up for adoption. New scenes hint at a dark past for the bright young teacher.

Certainly, Wiley’s biological mom had a difficult choice and dealt with second thoughts until Julian Jerome (William deVry) intervened. GH spoilers suggest that Julian Jerome may have told the birth mama the sad truth about her baby dying. That may be why she didn’t fight Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) and Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) for custody.

General Hospital Spoilers – Was Willow Tait Victimized?

General Hospital spoilers can’t confirm but all signs seem to point to Willow suffering a recent tragedy. On her first date with Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard), he arranged a quiet dinner at his place. When they arrived, Willow Tait was shocked to find that they would be all alone in his apartment.

She immediately got the wrong idea assuming that he wanted more than just dinner. Willow’s immediate reaction and the fact that she described his apartment as his “lair”, suggests that she has reason to be fearful of men. Maybe Willow went through some sort of trauma in the past. If she was assaulted, that would explain her freak-out with Chase this week.

GH Spoilers – Is Willow “Wiley’s” Birth Mother?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Willow Tait could very well be the woman who gave little “Wiley” up for adoption. If some guy raped Willow, the baby would be a constant reminder of the ordeal. It would certainly explain why she gave the baby up for adoption. This is fairly common in real life.

From the beginning, it seemed that the birth mother was a decent person. She was very concerned about the family the baby would be going to. Certainly, she was leery of the baby being part of a mob family. General Hospital spoilers remind that Wiley’s mom didn’t want Julian Jerome having any contact with the baby due to his criminal past.

Assault and Loss?

You’ll remember from GH spoilers that the birth mama had second thoughts and decided to reclaim her right as the baby’s mother. Mysteriously, she never showed up at the hearing. So Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones got to keep baby Wiley as their own. If Julian told her the baby didn’t survive, he may also have urged her to leave well enough alone.

If Willow Tait is the bio-mom and was raped – then finding out her baby didn’t make it would explain why she joined the GH bereavement group. That’s a lot for someone to deal with. Of course, official General Hospital spoilers should come out soon on why Willow was so scared of being alone with Chase and what drove her to the group.

Will Liesl Obrecht Blow Brad’s Cover?

General Hospital spoilers recall Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) delivered Nelle Hayes’ (Chloe Lanier) healthy baby boy on the side of the road. Liesl was on the run for a while but is back now and has no idea about the baby swap. If Dr. O shows up at General Hospital while Brad or Lucas are there with baby Wiley, she may recognize the baby.

Being Liesl Obrecht, she may see this as an opportunity to blackmail Brad Cooper in exchange for her silence. Nothing would make the scheming doc happier than to get the goods on someone like Brad. Certainly, he’d be in no position to say no to her demands. With Leisl back in Port Charles the possibilities are endless and none of them look good for Brad.

Tune in to GH weekdays to see how this story unfolds for Willow, Michael, and Brad.

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