‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Oscar Nero Die on GH?

General Hospital spoilers say Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) is very sick from his brain tumor but will Oscar die on GH? Is Garren Stitt leaving General Hospital? Slowly, things have gotten worse and worse for Oscar. Now that the latest drug trial didn’t work, Oscar, his family, and his friends are preparing for his death. Will The ABC soap really kill off the tumor-stricken teen?

General Hospital Spoilers: Drug Trials Fail Oscar Nero

For all his life, Oscar had no idea that he had a brain tumor, as his mother Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) refused to tell her son about his illness. Mother and son fought over this for a long time once he found out he was sick. Then they finally made amends and teamed up together while Oscar Nero faced this very scary illness.

Kim and Drew Cain (Billy Miller), along with Oscar’s girlfriend Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy), were by his side every step of the way as he began his latest experimental drug trial. However, this experimental treatment sadly didn’t work. Now, with no other option (because the tumor is too large to remove), doctors told Oscar that there’s nothing more they can do.

Obviously, this latest news had severe repercussions on General Hospital. Everyone involved now has to face the fact that Oscar only has a few more months (or even weeks) to live.

GH Spoilers: Oscar Faces Death

Oscar is facing death on General Hospital, but luckily he has Joss, his family, and friends to support him through this tough time. He and his mom Kim are finally back in good standing. Plus, he’s getting to know his father Drew more, and he and Joss are better than ever. However, after a recent doctor visit, he learned that he had anywhere from six weeks to eight months to live.

There seems to be no hope left for Oscar Nero. No experimental drug. No doctor in another country who can help him. Oscar, however, has decided to face his fate and stop trying to find a cure. As it seems unlikely that he’ll find anything to save his life, he just wants to be with his loved ones. However, this is General Hospital — medical miracles happen all the time. One could be just around the corner.

General Hospital – Garren Stitt Back To Andi Mack Show

While at the moment it looks like Oscar could be killed off tragically, there’s always hope for a miracle. GH fans love Oscar and really like what portrayer Garren Stitt brought to the role. As beloved as the character is, one would assume they won’t let his cancer kill him. However, Garren Stitt is heading back to Disney Channel’s Andi Mack, a show he was on prior to General Hospital. No one knows how long (or for how many episodes) Stitt will appear on Andi Mack.

Could Stitt heading back to his former show be a sign that Oscar will die on GH? Of course, Stitt could always just film both shows at the same time. Many soap actors have done it before, so this could mean nothing. After all, Hunter King (who plays Summer Newman) on Young and the Restless films both the soap and the primetime show Life in Pieces. It’s also important to remember that soaps do kill characters – even young ones – so death is a distinct possibility.

GH Spoilers: Tragedy Ahead for Kim Nero and Drew Cain

Regardless of Oscar’s outcome on General Hospital, Kim and Drew have some major drama in the near future. They are already struggling with the bad drug trial news, and losing Oscar will be devastating to them both. They already don’t know what to do. As this storyline plays out, it will be heart wrenching to see what the outcome will be. Billy Miller (who plays Drew) knows just how to work scenes like this to bring viewers to tears.

If you watch Young and the Restless, you may remember that while in the role of Billy Abbott, he lost his young daughter Delia in a hit and run accident. Y&R fans know he can portray tragedy most effectively. Oscar’s future looks grim at the moment, but some miracle could potentially save his life in coming days. Or, he could tragically pass away from the brain tumor. Whatever is ahead for Oscar Nero, it’s bound to be heartbreaking.

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