‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: TJ Runs DNA Search for Shiloh-Willow Baby – Brad Terrified

General Hospital spoilers report TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) goes on a DNA scavenger hunt to find the Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) baby. Soon, he shares his findings. Certainly, this is Shiloh’s first step to gain custody of his “son”. He needs a paternity test to prove he’s the father. However, Willow won’t say where the child is so they don’t have a baby to test.

Of course, TJ’s test should link Willow’s baby straight to Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) who is losing his mind. That’s without interference. Certainly, the adoptive dad knows he is getting closer to losing his family. So, with Brad’s shady history as a lab-tech, there is a chance he will tamper with the DNA test to make sure it doesn’t expose his secret on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: TJ Ashford Runs Search for DNA Match

GH spoilers say the fate of Lucas, Brad, and little Wiley is in the hands of the courts now. Because, Willow Tait refuses to divulge any records or information to the court or Shiloh Archer. However, a DNA test searches for children in the system that match Shiloh’s DNA. With no baby to test, this is a random search looking for any result.

So, it falls on TJ Ashford to run the paternity test for Willow Tait and Shiloh Archer’s baby. Surely, he must find something because he shares it with someone. No doubt, it will have a profound effect on everyone involved, say General Hospital spoilers. Don’t forget. Brad Cooper and Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) hid the secret. Plus, they tamper with hospital tests for their own ends.

GH Spoilers: Brad Cooper a Nervous Wreck – Tampers With Test Results?

General Hospital spoilers recall Brad Cooper’s sketchy past as a lab tech and then lab manager. Of course, he is no stranger to messing with DNA tests. Remember, he once schemed with Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) to steal Lulu Spencer’s (Emme Rylan) embryo. Now, he has more at stake than ever. He could lose his husband and adoptive son.

No doubt, he dug himself a deep hole with the baby swap secret. So, he will fight to the very end to keep his secret and his family intact. Obviously, Brad is not above lying and scheming. So, if it means tinkering with this DNA test to save his hide, Brad will get it done, say General Hospital spoilers. But it’s not certain if he’ll have the opportunity to mess with TJ’s process.

General Hospital: Stunner as DNA Test Doesn’t Match

GH spoilers promise when it comes to light that Wiley is the baby they are searching for, then they must run a test with Shiloh to confirm. However, everyone is sure to be shocked when it turns out that Shiloh is not a match. Certainly, Willow Tait and Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) will be floored. They both truly believe Wiley is the little boy Willow gave up. No doubt, this reveal crushes them.

Certainly, after all they are going through, to learn that Willow’s real baby died will be nothing short of devastating. As awful as Shiloh is, he’ll still be a grieving father when he finds out his baby is gone. Certainly, the results of the DNA test (if it is not tampered with) will be the beginning of the end of Brad’s scheme, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Life-Changing Truth One Step Closer

General Hospital spoilers know the end of the baby swap madness is drawing near. Because, this could only go on so long before someone discovered the truth. The reveal that Shiloh is not the father triggers more question. So, Brad can either fess up and accept his fate or keep scrambling to hide his secret. And it all starts when TJ Ashford hits the lab to start investigating – no doubt under court order.

GH spoilers predict when Lucas discovers Brad has been lying about Wiley’s identity all this time, he will drop him like a bad habit. Certainly, there is no way Brad can escape what’s coming for him because of his massive deception. TJ Ashford finding one match triggers a second test on little Wiley to find out who the kid really is. That should lead straight to his real father – Michael. So, watch ABC weekdays to see what comes of the DNA test run by TJ Ashford on GH.

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