‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Turns Tables on Margaux

General Hospital spoilers reveal a sneak peek of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) hitting DA Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) with the truth about her father’s murder. Margaux’s obsession is looking for answers about her father’s death. She wholeheartedly believes that Sonny is the one that killed him. But he is in possession of some evidence that will turn Margaux’s life upside down on GH.

General Hospital Spoiler Video – Sonny Corinthos Threatens Margaux Dawson

The video begins in the Port Charles Floating Rib restaurant. Margaux Dawson and Sonny are alone, and she is investigating the latest crime scene. He gives Margaux a brief recap of how Nurse Mary Pat’s (Patricia Bethune) floating head bobbed to the surface in a barrel of apples. This was during an awareness event for mental illness hosted by mayoral candidate Laura Collins (Genie Francis).

Sonny’s wife, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) attended the event and was the first to see the severed head. So, Sonny admits that Carly is shaken by the tragedy. Margaux Dawson assures him that she will get the person responsible. She says, “I always get the bad guy; no matter how long it takes.” Apparently, this remark is aimed directly at Sonny Corinthos.

GH Sonny Corinthos Turns Tables on Margaux Dawson

The General Hospital spoiler video continues with Margaux and Sonny now standing by the bar. He hints that she may want to back down. She takes it as a threat and becomes defensive. Then, she clearly reminds him that her job is to pursue justice. She also declares that she will use the full force of her office to prosecute whoever killed her father.

With another dart aimed right at him, Sonny Corinthos stops Margaux in her tracks with an announcement of his own. He tells her that he is not worried about her investigation. However, he warns her that what he has to tell her will change everything. Because, the information that he has concerns not only the D.A.’s father but her mother, as well.

Margaux Staggered by Sonny’s Claim

According to SOD General Hospital spoilers, Sonny’s claim involving Margaux’s mother takes her by surprise. He knows that Margaux’s mother was having an affair. He also knows that her mother suggested the hit. She is bewildered and afraid by the possibility that what he is saying could be true. If she continues her investigation, it may point to her mother, and mean that her whole childhood was a lie.

However, not knowing the whole truth could very well eat her alive. She doesn’t want Sonny Corinthos to be right. But if there is the slightest chance to prove him wrong, Margaux is likely to take it. This leads the duo to reluctantly team up to uncover the truth.


If it turns out in Margaux’s favor, then she will have more ammunition to put Sonny away for life. If Sonny is telling the truth, then she has nothing left to fight for. She may have to face the ultimate betrayal of her mother. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays on ABC to watch this story unfold.

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