‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh’s Cult a Parody of Scientology?

General Hospital spoilers suggest Shiloh Archer‘s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) cult looks like Scientology more and more every episode. There are distinct similarities connecting the real-life church and the GH cult. Scientology’s goal is to gain “relief from the hostilities and challenges of life”.

Certainly, that sounds a lot like Dawn of Day’s mantra to remove negativity from your life. It begs the question of why the ABC soap writers are writing the fictional group so close to the celebrity-centric church.

General Hospital Spoilers: Dawn Of Day Linked To Scientology?

General Hospital spoilers research shows that Dawn of Day shares similarities with Scientology. The first resemblance is touch assist. This is similar to what Daisy (Kelsey Wang) performed on Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) when he had a headache caused by his brain tumor.

In Scientology, the stated purpose of Touch Assist is to regain communication with injured body parts. Certainly, this looks a lot like what Daisy did to Oscar. Next, you must take courses to move up in the ranks and they come with a fee.

Additionally on General Hospital, Shiloh Archer told Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) to cut people out of her life that don’t support her work with DoD. Scientology encourages members to cut ties with any “Suppressive Person” (SP) that they define as someone that tries to suppress “any betterment” action in life. It sure look like GH writers are taking jabs at the Church of Scientology.

GH Spoilers: Shiloh Archer – Wants Devotion And Money

General Hospital spoilers recall Shiloh Archer said he was headed down a dangerous path until he had an awakening. Remember, he brought Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) to the light house where this supposedly happened. He says this is where the inspiration for his book “Every Day Is A New Dawn” came from. Shiloh’s DoD movement began with that book.

Dawn of Day book

Perhaps coincidentally, L Ron Hubbard began Scientology with one book as well – Dianetics. And the covers have generically similar shapes – one a mountain, one a volcano. But the visual similarity is there. Plus, both L Ron and Shiloh are charismatic leaders who charged a fee to enlighten followers, put them to work, and had a devoted inner circle.

Enlightenment Costs A Chunk of Change

General Hospital spoilers indicate a major way that DoD resembles Scientology is the notion that you must take courses to rise in the ranks. These courses cost a lot. Remember, Kristina Corinthos had to take out a loan to swing the payments. A Business Insider article lists the price of the path to enlightenment via Scientology is about $250k.

In Scientology, there’s the “Bridge to Total Freedom” which is a lot like Dawn of Day’s “Path to Enlightenment”. Shiloh claims not to care about money anymore and instead focuses on people. However, if that were true it seems like he wouldn’t charge them so much to “better themselves”, right? The GH writers seems to be committed to making a strong comparison between the two.

Weeding Out The Negativity On GH

General Hospital spoilers confirm Kristina Corinthos is quick to boot everyone out of her life that doesn’t agree with DoD. No doubt, that is exactly Shiloh’s plan. He told Krissy to cut off people in her life who don’t support her growth at DoD. Shiloh gets his followers to cut everyone out their life until the only people left in it are DoD members.

Certainly, the goal is to make people solely dependent on him and the cult. This is similar to Scientology where they tell people to cut out non-church members from their lives. It sure seems like the writers are working an agenda with this plot line. It almost feels personal. Perhaps someone in the writer’s room had a personal experience with Scientology that left them feeling burned…

For now, watch ABC weekdays as more is exposed about Shiloh Archer and his shady cult on GH.

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