‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Furious at Attention Lavished On Franco?

General Hospital spoilers hint Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) grows furious, possibly over the attention lavished upon Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). At the moment, Franco was encouraged to take credit for Ryan’s kills to try and draw the real killer out. This takes all the attention away from the real serial killer. Of course, Ryan Chamberlain planned for him to take the fall. But will Ryan’s ego allow him to follow through with the plan?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Angry and Unraveling

Recent General Hospital spoilers show Ryan becomes upset and it may be about attention Franco Baldwin gets after his guilty plea. After all, Franco’s goal is to goad the real killer into messing up and exonerating him in the process. Of course, he has no idea that Ryan Chamberlain is the real murderer.

However, Ryan Chamberlain has much to be furious about on General Hospital at the moment. At any second, everything could blow up in his face. He has way too many loose ends that could expose his identity, especially because Lulu Spencer’s (Emme Rylan) memory seems to be coming back slowly.

As Franco works to get an interview with a reporter to tell his side of the story, Ryan more than likely is going to be angry. While he wants the reformed serial killer to take the fall for the murders, he doesn’t want him to bask in any glory. Will Franco Baldwin and Jordan Ashford’s (Briana Nicole Henry) plan work? Will Ryan make a wrong move, thereby exonerating the other man?

GH Spoilers: Franco Baldwin Plan Up In the Air

While Ryan Chamberlain grows upset on General Hospital, Franco’s plan still might not succeed. After all, at the end of Friday’s episode, Jordan gets hit by Drew Cain (Billy Flynn) as he goes blind and ends up passing out while he’s driving his car. Twins Drew and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) are the latest two to lose their vision in Port Charles!

While Jordan goes to the hospital, it looks like things might be touch-and-go for her. Now, Franco has no connection to the outside world. She was the only one who could contact him on the burner phone that she gave him. Plus, she’s the only one who knows just what Franco’s goal will be, as she created it herself.

Now that she’s in the hospital, potentially on life support after the accident, Franco’s plan may go up in flames. Or, he could take control and figure out just how to save himself. Will he be able to out the real murderer before Ryan’s fury zones in on him?

General Hospital: Ryan Sets His Sights On Franco Baldwin?

As Ryan grows upset, he may decide to focus on Franco with his irrational fury. After all, Ryan is an unhinged serial killer. He doesn’t understand how to process his emotions and may lash out. One way to really hurt Franco Baldwin would be to harm Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and her family. Franco even asked Jordan to protect them on General Hospital before she got hit by the car, but Jordan refused.

She stated that it would just tip people off that something was amiss. Now that Franco makes Ryan angry, Ryan could head over to Liz’s place to make him pay. After all of these circumstances, will Franco still be able to save himself and uncover the real killer? Watch next week to see what happens next in this case of serial killer versus reformed serial killer.

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