‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Found – Ava Wants Him Dead [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers from a thrilling new promo promise Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) was found. Also, Ava Jerome (Maura West) hopes he’s alive so she can be the one to kill him. Elsewhere, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) gets in deeper with Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin).

She is willing to surrender control to the cult leader and it looks like trouble. Meanwhile, Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) offers Shiloh a huge secret. The gripping new video below shows it’s going to be a killer week on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Found

GH spoilers confirm Ryan Chamberlain is discovered in a thrilling new promo video. Jordan Ashford (Briana Henry) pays Ava Jerome a visit to fill her in. It’s unclear in the video if he’s alive or dead but spoilers hint Ryan Chamberlain is very much alive and is coming back for her.

Surely, Ava is shocked to hear the news as is Julian Jerome (William deVry) who is there with his sister when she finds out. Certainly, Ava Jerome wants him found so that she can stop looking over her shoulder. She is terrified that he will come back for her the same way he did with Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner).

GH Spoilers: Sam Mccall Gives Shiloh Control

The General Hospital promo video also shows Shiloh Archer and Sam McCall begin their first “session”. Sam must commit fully to Shiloh and do whatever he says, no questions asked. Shiloh is such a master manipulator that this actually works with his followers.

Certainly, Sam’s too smart for him but even she admits that he is very good. She is willing to go as far as it takes to protect Kristina Corinthos. Hopefully, she doesn’t get sucked in in the process say GH spoilers. With him blindfolding her, this looks pretty sketchy.

Kristina Shares A Crucial Secret With Shiloh – Betrays Her Mom

More General Hospital spoilers indicate Kristina Corinthos gives her trust offering to Shiloh Archer.  Whatever this information is, it seems to be acceptable for Shiloh. Additionally, Kristina admits that it’s something no one knows.

Recently, Kritina recorded a confession of one of Alexis Davis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) secrets. If indeed, this is her mother’s darkest secret. Then the truth eventually comes out, they may not be able to put that genie back in the bottle on GH.

Ava Jerome Out For Blood – GH Spoilers Say Ryan is Toast!

The General Hospital spoilers new video shows Ava Jerome still haunted by Ryan Chamberlain and his awful deception. She is drowning her sorrows in vodka while nightmares keep her up. Additionally, she blames herself for Kiki Jerome’s (Hayley Erin) death more than ever.

She confides in Julian Jerome that she hopes Ryan Chamberlain is alive. However, she only wants him alive so she can kill him herself. Julian is shocked and likely worried to hear this. Certainly, the former mob princess is capable of murder and she is at her lowest point right now.

When she comes face-to-face with Ryan (as GH spoilers chatters says happens soon) who knows what will happen. Watch ABC all week to see what happens with Ryan, Shiloh and everyone else in Port Charles.

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