‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Sets Sights On Ava – But She’s Ready for Him [VIDEO]

General Hospital spoilers promise Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) caused mayhem at the Nurses Ball then followed Ava Jerome (Maura West) to her cabin in the woods. Little does he know, he’s playing right into her hands. Additionally, Willow Tait’s (Katelyn MacMullen) secret quickly became public news. Certainly, it sent Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) into a violent rage. Then, it caused Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) to intervene and rip Shiloh away from her. No doubt, this week is almost over but there are terrifying shockers yet to come on ABC’s GH.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Follows Ava Jerome Out of Nurses Ball

GH spoilers reveal in the video below Ryan Chamberlain is back and as evil as ever – even with only one hand. It didn’t seem to slow him down a bit as he knocked out Kevin Collins and Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner). Plus, he even managed to suspend his twin from the rafters terrifying his loved ones.

However, he was on a bigger mission as he took off after Ava Jerome when she left the Nurses Ball. He tracked her down at the cabin and saw her through the window. Of course, this is exactly what she wants because she is ready to make him pay.  They will finally face off this week as he enters the house with a knife and she pulls a gun on him say General Hospital spoilers.

Shiloh Discovered Willow’s Secret – Vows To Find His Child

General Hospital spoilers confirm the cat is finally out of the bag and Shiloh Archer knows he’s a daddy. Thanks to Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) big mouth, Shiloh overheard everything and lashed out at Willow Tait. Certainly, the DoD leaders’ true colors came out when he violently confronted her.

It got so heated that Michael Corinthos stepped in and physically removed Shiloh from Willow. Though Willow claimed she miscarried Shiloh knows she lied and is determined to find his child. Surely, this is only the beginning as the baby swap story line begins to unravel on GH.

Ava Ready For Ryan – General Hospital Spoilers

As the GH promo video above shows, someone has a gun in hand and it looks like it’s Ava Jerome when Ryan catches up with her at her property in the woods. He doesn’t know it yet but she’s ready to take him out. Ava wants justice and revenge and she won’t stop until she gets it.

Certainly, the week is coming to a close but there are still shocking twists and suspense as Ryan Chamberlain faces off with Ava Jerome. Tune in to ABC weekdays and don’t miss a moment of the action on GH.

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