‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Targets Chase – Josh Swickard Out?

General Hospital spoilers promise Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) is back to killing again and Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) may be his next target after their meeting in Pentonville. Recently, Ryan murdered his new cellmate Bryce Henderson (Brian Gross) for making lewd comments about Ava Jerome (Maura West). Then, during their visit, the serial killer lashed out at Harrison Chase after he made some comments of his own. Now, the detective might be Ryan’s next victim on ABC’s GH. So, is Josh Swickard leaving?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Kills Again

GH spoilers confirm the authorities at Pentonville made a big mistake when they gave Ryan Chamberlain a cellmate. Remember, Bryce Henderson was his new roomie while he awaited trial. Surely, he made the unfortunate mistake of commenting on Ava Jerome’s Crimson cover. Of course, Ryan Chamberlain didn’t take kindly to the crude mention of his goddess.

So, he stabbed Bryce in the jugular with the pen he uses to write Ava’s love letters. Then, proceeded to call the guard on his own and tell him something horrible happened. No doubt, he’s trying to pass it off as suicide. Now, it’s on detective Harrison Chase to get to the bottom of Bryce’s murder. So, he takes off to Pentonville and has his own confrontation with Ryan Chamberlain, promise General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Detective Investigates Ryan’s Violence – Harrison Chase Leaving in Body Bag?

General Hospital spoilers know Harrison Chase wants to figure out how Bryce Henderson died. Of course, Ryan made it look like Bryce attempted suicide. However, Chase isn’t so easily fooled and is fairly certain he murdered him. After all, he is a serial killer. So, he has a chat with the psycho to get the truth out of him. First, Ryan commented on Bryce’s disrespect of women.

Then, Chase made his own comment about Ava that sparked a violent reaction. So, that gives Chase good reason to suspect Ryan killed Bryce because of Ava. Additionally, the evil twin was taken from his cell and his copy of Ava’s Crimson issue was confiscated. No doubt, Harrison Chase angered Ryan enough to earn a spot on his hit list, hint General Hospital spoilers.

Chase Is Ryan Chamberlain Next Victim? Is Josh Swickard Leaving General Hospital?

GH spoilers wonder if Harrison Chase will be Ryan Chamberlain’s next target. Remember, while questioning him on Bryce’s death Chase provoked the madman. Certainly, he didn’t like the way Chase was speaking of Ava Jerome because he flew at the detective. No doubt, Chase may have put himself in a bad position and on the maniac’s bad side. Of course, Ryan is behind bars at the moment.

However, General Hospital spoilers suggest he might break free from prison soon. So, if he does, Ryan may go after Chase to punish him for what he said about Ava and for taking his magazine. Surely, seeing her face on that cover every day is his only source of joy. Then, he’ll be off to reclaim his goddess no doubt. Watch ABC daily to see if Harrison Chase dies at the hand of Ryan Chamberlain on GH.

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