‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Psychopath Ryan Slips Up – Need For Recognition Downfall

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) may finally be caught because of his quest for recognition. As he’s an insane serial killer with an ego, Ryan wants the terrified residents of Port Charles to recognize how he could easily kill anyone. Will his ultimate need for some type of acknowledgment lead to his capture and arrest?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Chamberlain Wants Respect

Ryan Chamberlain isn’t just your average serial killer on General Hospital. He’s a serial killer and has an ego and wants respect. He wants people to know that he could kill anyone he wants, at any given time.

He’s been thriving since getting out of Ferncliff, as basically every single resident in Port Charles has lived in fear that they could be the serial killer’s next victim. That’s just what Ryan wants. He wants people to live in fear of him.

General Hospital spoilers show he also wants the police to know that he’s one step ahead of them, always. Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) has stated a few times in the past that she feels like the serial killer is just mocking the police. Plus, when Ryan Chamberlain tried to kill Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan), the police couldn’t catch him, even when they had the building surrounded!

GH Spoilers: Ryan Sets Franco Up

On General Hospital, Ryan doesn’t necessarily want to be caught. He wants to stay out of prison and never wants to return to Ferncliff, as he quite likes the life he has out in Port Charles. That’s definitely because his relationship with Ava Jerome (Maura West) is better than ever.

While one side of Ryan Chamberlain feeds off of recognition, he still wants to protect himself on General Hospital. As previously revealed, this leads him to begin to set Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) up for his own crimes and murders. Franco has been asking “Kevin” — who Ryan is impersonating — one too many questions for Ryan’s own liking.

While Franco isn’t the only person asking him too many questions, Franco may be the best person to set up for all the serial killings. After all, it’s not like Franco has the steadiest of pasts. Plus, “Kevin” could really use his own public image as a psychiatrist to put Franco behind bars, at least in public perception.

General Hospital Spoilers: The Police Ramp Up Investigation

Ryan Chamberlain may begin to crave some appreciation in the near future, even when he’s setting up Franco and trying to protect his future. According to some new General Hospital spoilers, Jordan comes up with a plan to finally flush Ryan out. She wants to discover who this serial killer is. She obviously wants to put him behind bars, as well.

Could Jordan’s plan finally reveal Ryan for who he really is? A lot seems to be happening with this Ryan storyline in the next month. Anyone could finally discover that “Kevin” is really Ryan, who has been murdering everyone in town. For example, Lulu could finally remember who attacked her.

Plus, spoilers also reveal that Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) slowly closes in on Ryan Chamberlain. As it looks like this February sweeps is going to have a ton of action, anyone could discover the truth. However, it does look like his own need for recognition is his ultimate downfall.

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