‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Operation Save Kristina – Sam, Michael and Molly Scramble Against Time?

General Hospital spoilers assure that “Operation Save Kristina Corinthos” (Lexi Ainsworth) is in full effect. Her GH siblings, Sam McCall (Kelly Monoco), Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Molly Lansing (Haley Pullos) each have a plan. Hopefully, one of them will succeed in prying Kristina free of the cult on the ABC soap.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina Corinthos Needs a Wake Up Call

Currently on GH, spoilers have Kristina Corinthos is diving deeper into Dawn of Day, a suspected cult. Also, cult leader Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) has a heavy influence on her. Kristina’s parents and siblings grow more worried by the day. But whenever one of them expresses concern, she is quick to push them away.

Regardless, Kristina’s loved ones try to figure out the best way to pull her free from DoD. It is obvious that she is in need of a wake up call. Her little sister, Molly, thought if she yelled enough times it would do the trick. Unfortunately, this only made Krissy dig her heels in deeper on General Hospital. Spoilers say more is needed to open her eyes.

GH Spoilers: Molly Lansing Ruins Sam McCall’s Cover?

General Hospital spoilers report Molly Lansing may soon turn her focus toward Sam McCall. Big sister Sam is working on a secret plan to extract Kristina Corinthos. However, Molly wants answers now and may press Sam until she gets them. Because Molly is extremely smart and not easily fooled, Sam may have to come clean.

Sam’s strategy for reaching Krissy is to jump into cult life with her. She figures she can keep a better eye from inside the walls. Sam is also working Shiloh for information. But, Molly could easily blow the whole thing. By questioning Sam too much or in front of the wrong person, Sam’s plan could be outed. She needs to quiet Molly’s outrage without exposing herself. The best case is the GH siblings to work together.

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Corinthos Comes Off The Bench

Meanwhile, big brother Michael Corinthos, may work a different angle. GH spoilers say he seeks help from Detective Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard). This is possibly out of fear for his sister Kristina. Perhaps, Michael is tired of watching from the sidelines and feels it is time to do something about it.

Kristina Corinthos tricked Michael into loaning her money to pay for DoD classes. So, he feels responsible for her getting in deeper. He can’t drag her out by her hair although that may seem tempting. So, Michael may have to turn to Chase for police assistance since his corporate CEO skills probably won’t help with this cult thing.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina’s Big Cult Plot Wraps Soon?

Kristina Corinthos may be short on self-esteem but she has plenty of family. And they will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. This storyline is juicy and cropped up after the ABC soap seemed to abandon her fluid sexuality plot line. Of course, her lady lover’s apathy was what made her ripe for the cult to grab her.

They are coming at her from all directions. Molly is in her face, Michael is coming in from the side, while Sam sneaks up from behind. So eventually one of them is likely to break the DoD barrier. Keep watching GH weekdays to see who saves Kristina and how.

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