‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Puts Sasha On The Cover Of Crimson?

General Hospital spoilers tease Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) may put fake daughter Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) on the cover of Crimson magazine. Remember, Sasha mentioned she used to model, but nothing ever came of it. Certainly, this piqued Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) interest.

So, he may go to Nina and see if she can pull some strings to get her on the pages of Crimson magazine. No doubt, Nina will be thrilled at the idea. However, that may not be a road Sasha wants to go down again on ABC’s GH. If she puts her faux kid on the cover, it could expose the con Sasha’s running. Take a look.

General Hospital Spoilers: A Glimpse Into Sasha Gilmore’s Past

GH spoilers know Sasha Gilmore doesn’t talk much about her past. The most information she offers is that she’s always ridden horses. However, that was probably just to make her seem more like Nina. Recently, Sasha told Michael Corinthos that she gave modeling a whirl. But, obviously, that didn’t quite take off.

By the looks if it, Sasha may not have left the modeling world on the best terms. Maybe, it is something she would like to try again. However, it could go the other way and she might want nothing to do with it. So, if Michael tries to make a modeling career happen for her, she may not be as happy about it as he hopes, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Michael Corinthos Gets An Idea

General Hospital spoilers recall Michael Corinthos perked up a bit when Sasha Gilmore said she wasn’t on the cover of Crimson. Maybe, he will try to change that. Certainly, it shouldn’t take much to convince Nina Reeves to get her “daughter” on the front of the fashion magazine.

So, he may try to surprise Sasha by planning with Nina to relaunch a modeling career for her. Certainly, she is beautiful enough. But, she might not be happy if Michael plans with Nina behind her back – even if it is well intentioned, hinty General Hospital spoilers.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina’s Fake Daughter The New Face Of Crimson?

GH spoilers suspect Michael Corinthos and Nina Reeves could team up to make Sasha Gilmore the new face of Crimson. No doubt, this would thrill Nina. Of course, she thinks her “daughter” is drop-dead gorgeous (which she is) and can’t sing her praises enough. Certainly, Nina would jump at the chance to have her model for Crimson.

Surely, if Michael brings the idea to her, the editor and proud “mom” will be sold right away. Also, Nina is determined and persistent. She usually gets her way, especially in the business world. So, there’s a good chance she can make this happen for Sasha. That is, if she’s up for it on General Hospital.

Nina Thrilled – Sasha Gilmore Skeptical – GH Spoilers

General Hospital spoilers say Nina Reeves will be all about Sasha modeling for Crimson. But, Sasha may not share her enthusiasm. Surely, there must be a reason it didn’t work out the first time. There are many concerns here. If she’s on the cover, people from her past may come creeping around to expose her.

So you can bet that not only would Sasha Gilmore not like this suggestion, but Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart)  will hate the idea of Sasha as a cover girl on GH. But them protesting too much could make Nina Reeves suspicious. So wait and see what happens.

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