General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle’s Storyline Coming To An End

General Hospital spoilers show it’s probably a foregone conclusion that GH fans are ready for this Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) storyline to come to an end. Once Nelle threatened to expose Ava Jerome (Maura West) for peeping at Griffin Munro’s (Matt Cohen) DNA lab results, fans thought for sure Ava would figure a way to get the better of Nelle, thus putting fans out of their misery.  Who would have thought that little ole Nelle could best Ava Jerome, mob princess; who has murdered and been responsible for all kinds of mayhem to get her way; but there it was.

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Will Ava Blackmail Nelle?

GH fans were beginning to wonder if Ava had lost her touch, or perhaps it was just the love of a good man that has kept Ava from putting a bullet in Nelle.  Now that Ava has gained the upper hand once again, the question we need to ask is will she use the blanket she took from the Quartermaine house to blackmail Nelle or will she tell the truth and save Carly (Laura Wright) along with her relationship with the good doctor.

Griffin has been willing to forgive Ava for her past and recent indiscretions.  After finding out Ava dropped the kidnapping charges on Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) dad Mike Corbin (Max Gail) in exchange for shared custody of their daughter Avery, (Ava/Grace Scarola), Griffin was disgusted with Ava and even moved out of her house.  He was not, however, disgusted enough to end it with Ava and GH spoilers tease Griffin may succumb to her temptations.  Ava may feel safe in her relationship with Griffin for the moment and this would leave her free to continue to have the upper hand over Nelle who was clearly frightened when Ava produced that blanket in the hospital.

Ava gets Avery only to lose Griffin?

Will Ava Come Clean?

On the other hand, it may behoove Ava to come clean and expose Nelle as the real culprit and since Jason (Steve Burton) is convinced Carly is not guilty he will be work to prove Nelle planned this all along. If Ava holds on to the blanket and it comes out she was the person who took it, she could be charged with withholding evidence and would certainly be implicated in the scheme to get rid of Carly.

We also need to remember that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) did have Ava’s check with the disappearing ink. Even if Ava got it back, it would also implicate Ava in Nelle ’s schemes.  Ava would also be doing herself a favor by coming forward as it would seal Griffin’s faith in her.  She would also curry favor with Sonny who would be grateful to her for exonerating his wife.

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Ava has a choice and General Hospital spoilers hint she will be faced with a decision.  What say you?  Will Ava come through for Carly before it’s too late or will she resort to her evil ways and keep quiet about Nelle’s schemes to benefit herself?

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