‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Drives Q Clan Crazy – Tortures Michael [Video]

General Hospital spoilers promise Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) put her plot in motion and plans to take over the Q mansion and wear down Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) on GH. Now, spoilers confirm she again sets her sights on Michael and their son to get the family she wants on the ABC sudser. See the exciting promo below on how she wreaks havoc.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Hayes Trying To Get Rich

GH spoilers know Nelle Hayes is after the chunk of ELQ she feels she deserves. Of course, she wants the shares that belong to her late hubby Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). However, the Qs will tie her up in court forever. So, she’s going to try another tactic on General Hospital.

Spoilers recall Michael offered her a hefty sum to disappear but she literally threw it back in his face. Surely, she feels he can do much better than that. Now, she’s moving into the Q mansion. So, her plan is to drive them insane until they give her the amount she finds suitable, say General Hospital spoilers.

However, she’s not getting quite what she expected because Michael puts her out in the boathouse. Of course, she feels it’s beneath her and it’s sure to set her off on GH. However, it won’t stop her from going for what she wants. No doubt, she’ll go to any lengths as a gold digger on General Hospital.

GH Spoilers: Nelle’s Obsession With Wiley Deepens

Now that Nelle Hayes is out of prison on General Hospital, spoilers show her obsession with her bio-son Wiley Cooper-Jones (Erik & Theo Olsen). Remember, she wasted no time moving in with Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) to be close to her son. Then, she tried to land the job as his nanny.

General Hospital spoilers explain that’s why Michael moved her onto the family estate. Of course, that’s a key factor in securing her future. So, she took the bait. But, she’s still bent on getting her son back on GH. Also, GH spoilers say she’s forming an unhealthy attachment to the child she gave away.

No doubt, she wants her son back so she has someone to need and love her unconditionally. Of course, having two happy parents for her child is her top priority. So, she’s intent on getting Michael Corinthos back to fulfill her family dream, predict General Hospital spoilers.

Nelle Needs Michael Corinthos On General Hospital

GH spoilers reveal Nelle Hayes plans to get Michael Corinthos to come back to her so they can be the family she envisions. No doubt, she wants a husband to love and support her and her baby because that’s something she never had. So, Michael is one of her top goals on General Hospital.

Of course, he’s currently with Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) but that will not stop Nelle. Remember, she drove Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) so crazy she landed in Ferncliff. So, if she can gaslight the all-mighty Carly she can surely get Sasha out of the way if she wants to.

However, Nelle must go up against quite an army. Especially, when it comes to little Wiley. So, she might get ahead of herself and get too cocky for her own good on GH. Tune in to watch Nelle Hayes take over the Q house and go after Michael Corinthos on the ABC daytime drama.

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