‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle and Brad Pentonville Meeting Next Week

General Hospital spoilers confirm Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) is back next week and it’s Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) that desperately needs to see the villainess. This week’s soap magazines confirm Chloe’s return to GH but it’s for a small appearance, not a big return. There’s only one guy in town that wants to see Nelle and it’s sure not Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Here’s what could happen next week.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle Hayes Back to GH for Brad Cooper Talk

GH spoilers confirm Chloe Lanier is back, but don’t provide answers on why. The confirmation of her return sets the dates she’ll be seen as sometime the week of October 8-12. Some quick research offers a very likely explanation. Checking out actor Parry Shen’s IMDB page, you see that Brad Cooper is set for scenes on Thursday, October 11 and Friday, October 12.

With Brad Cooper slated for the same timeframe as Nelle Hayes, you can bet they’ll be sharing face time. Brad is in full-on panic mode about the baby’s heart condition. He knows this could tie little “Wiley” to the Quartermaine family tree since Michael had it as a baby, too. Brad needs to update Nelle Hayes and get her take on things. Brad also gets time soon with co-schemer Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) who’s confirmed back for November sweeps.

General Hospital – Brad Cooper Panics Over Baby Reveal

Our favorite GH spoilers leaker advises us that the baby’s identity will stay hidden until the end of the year. The source says there will be a Corinthos Christmas miracle and that’s when Michael finds out his son is still alive. That means a few more months of waiting which is no surprise. When does General Hospital ever resolve anything quickly?

Brad Cooper ran to Julian Jerome (William deVry) who told him to calm down. Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) also encouraged Brad to chill. However, neither of them knows the whole story. Only Brad and Nelle do. Brad needs to meet with Nelle Hayes who will no doubt advise him to keep their little secret. She has a couple of motives to keep her baby’s identity hidden.

Nelle and Brad’s Fate Rest on Keeping Secrets

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nelle Hayes might get out of prison eventually for her crimes. But if you add hiding Michael’s baby from him, that’s worse. Nelle basically kidnapping her own baby could tack on another 20 years to her jail term. Brad Cooper would go to jail, too, as her co-conspirator. Both of them have a vested interest in keeping the truth hidden.

Since Nelle is a master schemer and liar, she and Brad need to put their heads together to figure out how to deal with the reveal of her baby’s illness. Nelle needs to know her baby is sick, but she’s got a vested interested in keeping their secret. She also wants to keep Michael in agony and punish him for what she sees as the ultimate betrayal.

Nelle Calms Brad Down – Gives Him Directions?

While we’re still awaiting firm General Hospital spoilers on why Nelle Hayes is back on the ABC soap, meeting with Brad Cooper is the most probable scenario. With Parry Shen confirmed on those dates and Brad desperate to discuss the issue about Wiley, a meeting is in order. Perhaps Nelle can calm him down and give him some marching orders. He needs to chill before his panic blows them both up.

With the Corinthos clan distracted by Alzheimer’s and a serial killer on the loose in Port Chuck, the baby swap might remain under the radar for quite some time. No doubt Nelle will reassure Brad that he needs to raise her son and keep quiet. If he protests, she might threaten him with something awful like saying he stole her baby from her. Nelle Hayes is unpredictable and evil, so you never know.

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