‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mike Corbin’s Sad Last Christmas – Sneak Peek Video

General Hospital spoilers indicate this is Mike Corbin‘s (Max Gail) last Christmas. His Alzheimer’s fight will come to an end soon according to this new GH promo video titled “Mike’s Last Battle”. The Corinthos family will certainly make this one to remember as it just might be the last one they get with Mike.

General Hospital Spoilers – Mike Corbin’s Final Christmas

Mike’s health is declining fast and his memories are slipping further away. His bad days are now outnumbering his ”good” days. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is heartbroken over his father Mike’s declining health. Unfortunately, there’s only one way this story ends and it looks like the end is closer than everyone thought, reveal new General Hospital spoilers.

Sonny is painfully aware that this Christmas will be the last one he will ever have with his father. He is torn up over the realization that this is the last holiday they will share – and his dad won’t even remember it. Sonny is determined to make it one filled with love. He wants Mike Corbin to have the biggest and best last Christmas surrounded by his loving family.

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Sonny Corinthos and Dad Mend Fences – GH Spoilers

General Hospital fans recall that Mike Corbin and Sonny Corinthos have not had the best father-son relationship over the years. They have been at odds for most of Sonny’s life often going years without contact.

But Mike’s grim diagnosis was the catalyst to mend fences between Sonny and his estranged father. They finally have the relationship they both wanted for years. It is heartbreaking to know that their time together is quickly drawing to a close.

The Inevitable End – When Will Sonny Lose His Father?

General Hospital spoilers tell us Mike’s health battle is one Sonny cannot win. The mobster is used to getting his way. He wields power to squash his enemies. Well, Alzheimer’s is one enemy Sonny cannot order a hit on and have it disappear. It is not often we get to see the more vulnerable side of Sonny Corinthos.

It’s a treat to see his love of family take center stage over his usual mob activities. Mike Corbin’s time with loved ones is ending. It is apparent that this is a last milestone since he won’t last another year. The family will leave nothing unsaid and shower Mike with their love. It’s a precious reminder for all of us to live life to its fullest and let those we love know it before it’s too late.

GH brilliantly incorporated the Alzheimer’s storyline and Max Gail and Maurice Benard are delivering Emmy award-worthy performances. Grab your tissues GH fans, looks like we will need them soon. Inside sources hint it could be February sweeps when we say goodbye to Mike Corbin but a deeper descent into his illness kicks off soon.

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