‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mike Confesses Murder to Save Sonny?

General Hospital spoilers tease Mike Corbin (Max Gail) tries to save Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) as his erratic behavior takes a stunning turn. Will Mike’s last act, before his mind goes, be to save his son? If Mike Corbin had left well enough alone decades ago, that body might not be back to haunt Sonny Corinthos. That was the first mistake Mike made and then he almost blew up Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth). Will Mike’s guilt and his addled state lead him to confess?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos the Target of Margaux’s Grief and Rage

GH spoilers showed Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) toasting her dad on his birthday this week. Just as she told Drew Cain (Billy Miller) she believes that he’s dead, the cops found that skull. General Hospital spoilers make it clear that’s Mr. Dawson they dug up in the basement of Charlie’s Pub. Once forensics comes back and she knows about her father’s murder, you can bet Margaux lashes out at the local mob.

Margaux mentioned her dad’s shady past to Drew. Plus, she’s already got it in for Sonny Corinthos, so he’d better watch out when the truth emerges. It shouldn’t be too hard for them to put the clues together once they find the gun and the latest She Knows GH recap reminds that new evidence comes to light soon. No doubt it’s the gun that can implicate Sonny Corinthos. He just told Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) that he won’t hide from the outcome.

Mike Corbin’s Final Sacrifice

General Hospital spoilers laid the groundwork for Mike Corbin taking the fall for Sonny. Mike is worried that he’s a danger to his family – and given recent events, he is! He asked to see the brochures for the care facilities, but it might be that Sonny’s dad has something more drastic in mind. Mike feels doubly responsible for Sonny Corinthos’ troubles right now, and he’s clearly on edge and unpredictable. Once the Corinthos clan realizes it’s the DA’s daddy, Sonny’s in trouble.

Mike Corbin will know it too, and it’s quite possible he would head to the PCPD and confess to Jordan Ashford (now recast with Briana Henry in the role). Since he knows he’s got to spend the rest of his days in a facility and his mind is almost gone, he might not care if it’s Pentonville instead of an Alzheimer’s center. Mike Corbin knows enough details about the crime to make a convincing confession. This could be where General Hospital is going with this story.

Will Sonny Corinthos Save His Dad from Himself?

The problem is since Mike Corbin knows who killed the guy, where the body was, and lots of pertinent info his confession could hold up in court. And if Sonny Corinthos comes after the fact to confess instead, it could look like he’s trying to protect his dad. Mike Corbin has a shady past of his own and known contacts with the mob, so his confession could hold. Sonny will not want his father to go down for his crime, but he may not listen.

The only silver lining to this possible General Hospital spoilers twist is that there’s no way that Margaux or Jordan would prosecute a sick and mind-boggled old man. Mike Corbin won’t go to jail, no matter what, even for the tampering with the gas line at Charlie’s Pub. Instead, he will probably head to a facility to get the care he needs. You can see that GH is setting the stage for Mike to continue trying to solve Sonny Corinthos’ problems, and this could be where it’s headed.

What do you think? Will Mike Corbin try and make up for being a bad dad – and his other mistakes – by confessing to the crime?

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