‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie’s New Man – Who Should She Choose?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) may be ready for a new love on GH soon. Maxie’s husband died in the line of duty earlier this year, and she is currently regaining control of her life. She is already back to work. Now, Maxie just needs a little nudge in the area of love, but where should she look for romance?

Maxie Jones is Swimming in Men – General Hospital Spoilers

Maxie is one of the few women in Port Charles with a virtually unlimited dating pool. All she has to do is put on her swimsuit and dive right in. Her options range from mob prince Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) to international criminal Peter August aka Henrik Faison (Wes Ramsey). Lets look at a few of the most likely candidates.

CEO Michael Corinthos May Take Charge of Maxie’s Heart

GH spoilers suggest that Michael Corinthos belongs at the top of Maxie’s to-do list. SID proposes that they could even be the next supercouple. Maxie’s baby does need a father, and Michael is yearning to be one. So, maybe this could be the bond that brings them together.

Although Maxie Jones and Michael do not share the screen often when they do it is magical. Viewers were given a little glimpse of their potential chemistry the day Michael helped Maxie in Lamaze class. These scenes were pure gold and really fun to watch. GH audiences are looking forward to seeing more interactions between these characters.

Detective Harrison Chase on the Case

General Hospital spoilers tease that Michael is not the only beau that viewers can picture with Maxie Jones. Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) is also a prime candidate. So far, he has proven to be good at nailing criminals. Now, GH fans are interested in seeing his relationship skills. Being with Chase may make her feel a sense of security and familiarity.

Chase is fairly new in town and currently short on friends. Aside from stopping traffic with his good looks, being around him may also make Maxie feel close to Nathan. She probably misses the cop talk and seeing the uniform lying around the house. In addition, she grew up around police officers and married one, so she may be attracted to that life.

Damian Spinelli May Hack into Maxie’s Life

Maxie Jonesshares both a child and colorful history with The Jackal, Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Spinelli has proven loyal to Maxie throughout the years making him an excellent candidate to win her heart. He has professed his undying love for her on multiple occasions. He looks after her and cares very deeply about her happiness. Of course, he’s got a girlfriend, but that could easily change.

Spinelli is a jack of all technological trades. He is a hacker/private investigator/best-selling author and currently in a relationship with Ellie Trout (Emily Wilson). He lives across the country where he is raising his and Maxie’s daughter. The only drawback to the relationship is distance and that pesky GF. However, there are many GH fans that would be thrilled to have more Spinelli in their lives.

Peter August – Nathan’s Brother Might Be Her Lover…

Peter August, also known as Henrik Faison, is an international criminal, but that just adds to the appeal. He and Maxie Jones have grown close over the last couple of months. They seem to share an undeniable attraction. However, Maxie is fighting it a whole lot more than Peter. It doesn’t help that he’s just as handsome as his brother Nathan West (Ryan Paevey).

Of course, Peter is partially responsible for the events that led to her husband’s death.  Although their chemistry could be off the charts, General Hospital spoilers and fans are unsure if they can accept these two as a couple. Peter is a long way from redemption, but there is still hope that Maxie might let him into her heart.

General Hospital spoilers promise that when Maxie Jones is ready to move on, she’ll have a laundry list of men available. All of them are handsome, successful, and vibrant. Which one of these handsome men should Maxie choose to heal her broken heart?

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Who Should Maxie's Next Love Be?