‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucy Sets Sights on Kevin – Wants Doc Back After Fake Laura Split

General Hospital spoilers divulge that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) chases Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) soon, potentially trying to respark their romance. This isn’t the first time Lucy does this and likely isn’t the last. However, Kevin finds himself in a strange position this time, as he still loves Laura Spencer (Genie Frances). They stage a faux split so he can act lovey dovey with Ava Jerome (Maura West). This is all a plan to lure his evil twin brother Ryan Chamberlain out of the shadows. But to Lucy, on ABC’s GH, it looks like the real deal.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Coe Wants Kevin Collins Back

Lucy Coe is interjecting herself in Kevin Collins’ life again say GH spoilers. However, this time around, she may go to extremes. Which isn’t necessarily too surprising for Lucy, who has done crazy things to get what she wanted in the past. She was jealous before that Doc got with Ava then was stunned to learn it was Ryan.

Now, new info indicates Lucy Coe sets her sights on her ex-husband Kevin. Now, this isn’t new. Lucy has done this quite a lot since the two split. However, this time around, things are a bit different. Previous spoilers confirmed that Kevin Collins agreed to be a part of Laura Spencer and Ava Jerome’s plan to flush his twin Ryan Chamberlain out of hiding.

As this looks like it will all go down at the Nurses Ball, Lucy may have a few things to say about Kevin’s newest date. She’ll probably be furious to see Ava show up on Kevin’s arm, say General Hospital spoilers. It was one thing for Ava to land fake Kevin Collins, but quite another for Lucy Coe to see her with the real deal.

GH Spoilers: Kevin Joins Laura, Ava, and Felicia’s Scheme

While Lucy Coe might decide that she wants to win her ex-husband back, this couldn’t come at a worse time on General Hospital. Spoilers showed recently that Kevin Collins agreed to go along with Ava Jerome’s plan. This means that he and his love Laura Spencer must fake a break-up despite them being more in love than ever.

After this public spat and split, Lucy Coe decides it’s her turn. It seems like she’s never truly gotten over Kevin. After hearing that he and Laura are over for good, she could believe that she finally has a real shot with him again. Of course, when she finds out that he’s “dating” Ava, this all could drastically change.

Lucy and Ava have gotten into it before on GH. Spoilers remind that was back when Ava thought she was dating Kevin Collins. Lucy could potentially go after Ava again when she sees the duo roll into the Nurses Ball together. Regardless, Lucy Coe puts herself in a situation where she more than likely gets her heart broken, again.

General Hospital: Ryan Chamberlain Set to Return

GH spoilers point to Ryan Chamberlain returning to Port Charles in May sweeps, whether everyone’s ready or not. Ava Jerome thinks she’s ready for him, now that she has a plan. Kevin Collins wants to shut his brother down as well. However, Lucy Coe scheming to win back her ex, could put her in danger on General Hospital.

Spoilers know this is the last thing the plan needs. Once Ryan returns, anyone is fair game as he angrily finds out about Kevin and Ava. Lucy Coe will eventually learn Laura and Kevin Collins’ staged the breakup. Yet again, it looks like Lucy won’t win back Kevin Collins anytime soon on the ABC soap.

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