‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucas Remembers the Truth – Brad’s World Blows up [Video]

General Hospital spoilers promise this is the week Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) remembers the truth about baby Wiley (Eric and Theo Olsen) and Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) loses everything. Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) finally learns his son is alive and Port Charles will never be the same on the ABC sudser.

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucas Jones Remembers This Week

GH spoilers confirm Lucas Jones finally remembers Brad Cooper confessing the truth the night of the crash. Surely, Brad thinks getting out of town will prevent Lucas from remembering. But, it’s too late because this week the memories come flooding back and Brad is in trouble. Of course, Lucas cJones an’t knowingly keep the truth from Michael. It’s just not who he is on General Hospital.

Spoilers from a new promo see Lucas Jones at the Corinthos house when the truth hits him and he immediately goes for Michael. Of course, Michael’s sure to be happy but the painful truth of Brad and Nelle Hayes’s (Chloe Lanier) betrayal will cut like a knife. Not to mention Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) part in all of it. Certainly, Michael gets his son back but it’s sure to be bittersweet, ensure General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Michael Corinthos Floored

Soon Michael is going to get the shock of his life on General Hospital. Spoilers remember he was forced to grieve a son that is actually alive. It’s all because of Nelle’s evil need to cause him as much pain as possible. Michael’s sure to feel joy and pain when the events of the last year-and-a-half sink in. Certainly, he thinks he knows how devious Nelle is. But, he surely never imagined she would go this far on General Hospital.

Spoilers assure his entirely family’s shocked to their core when Lucas Jones unleashes the truth on them. Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) will probably try to kill Nelle with her bare hands on General Hospital. Spoilers explain Nelle and Brad are about to have giant targets on their backs. There won’t be anywhere for them to hide when everyone learns the awful truth, promise General Hospital spoilers.

Brad Cooper – Town Pariah on General Hospital

Spoilers suspect people line up to give Brad Cooper a piece of their minds. Certainly, what he did to Michael is unforgivable. Of course, Brad rationalized and tried to convince himself he was doing the right thing on General Hospital. Spoilers see the bottom line is Brad Cooper conspired with Nelle to let Michael believe his child was dead. No doubt, Carly and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) pose a threat.

Surely, Sonny would punish Brad Cooper for what he did to Michael. And, when he learns about Julian’s part, Sonny could go after him too. Now, Sonny may have all the reason he needs to take Julian and Brad Cooper out on GH. This week is going to be explosive as Lucas Jones reunites Michael with Wiley and Brad Cooper’s world implodes on the ABC soap.

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