‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kiki Dead – Griffin Mourns – Video Confirms Serial Killer Struck Again

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) is dead. Boyfriend Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) will indeed be mourning her loss and the loss of what their future held. Certainly, with Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) at Kiki’s door, it was fairly obvious her days amongst the living was over. The city of Port Charles has been rocked once again with another murder.

General Hospital Spoilers Promo Video  –  Kiki Jerome Murdered

General Hospital spoilers are hot in a new GH promo video. The video shows the aftermath following the wedding of Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) to Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner). The newlyweds retire to their honeymoon suite on The Haunted Star to the shocking surprise of Kiki’s murdered body. Jordan quickly reports the crime. This confirms the leak Soap Dirt posted a long time ago about Hayley Erin’s exit plot.

Indeed, Port Charles has a serial killer on the loose. Kiki’s closest friends and family are shocked as they learn of her death. Her death rocks her inner circle to the core. All question why and how this happened. Little do they know it’s the workings of deranged serial killer Ryan. This was his twisted show of devotion for his latest muse, Ava Jerome (Maura West).

GH Spoilers – Griffin Munro In Tears Over Kiki’s Senseless Murder

General Hospital spoilers show that Griffin Munro is devastated by his girlfriend’s death. Griffin cries when he learns of her murder. Griffin was concerned when Kiki no-showed for the wedding. He went to her apartment to see what was holding her up.

It was there he found her bloodstained pashmina. It’s the same scarf Kiki Jerome was frantically looking for moments before Ryan Chamberlain showed up at her doorstep. Indeed that last scene was a foreshadow of what would come next. Kiki had no reason to believe her life was in danger, let alone at the hands of the man she thinks is kindly Kevin Collins.

Ryan Chamberlain and Ava Jerome Make Love

General Hospital spoilers from the promo video (see below) show Ryan and Ava Jerome make love soon. It appears this happens prior to Ava learning of her daughter’s death. Ryan’s a twisted man. To go from murdering a young woman to bedding her mother within the blink of an eye is disturbing. GH spoilers indicate that when Ava and Ryan kissed, she signed Kiki’s death warrant.

Ava knew that if Kiki Jerome went to the police, she’d face jail time for attacking Griffin Munro and drugging Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson). Her best bet was running. Ava jested she could stay if Kiki was gone. That’s all Ryan needed to hear. Killing Kiki Jerome would keep Ava Jerome around for him to seduce. Certainly, it looks like he wastes no time going from killing to kissing.

Whodunit Brewing

General Hospital spoilers tease there’s a whodunit brewing. Will Jordan link Kiki’s murder to Mary Pat Ingles (Patricia Bethune)? Commissioner Ashford is not the best investigator in town. Others tend to solve crimes for her. Although viewers know it’s the handiwork of Ryan Chamberlain, it will take the PCPD time to draw the same conclusion but next week, spoilers say that Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) finds a clue.

Murdering Kiki Jerome is another example of Ryan bringing a “gift” of love to Ava. No one will suspect him of Kiki’s murder. However, he inadvertently made Ava the most likely suspect on Jordan’s radar. It is no secret that Ava and Kiki have a strained relationship. Griffin Munro is another potential suspect as is her “sister” Sasha that Kiki just evicted.

There’s lots of story ahead. The cops will muddle around, but for now, Ryan is safe in Ava’s arms and not a suspect. There will be a sad funeral soon, regrets, and more to come. Watch GH weekdays on ABC to see this all unfold this week.

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