‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kevin an Imposter- Why Brother Ryan Could Be Alive

General Hospital spoilers reveal August will literally be a month of fireworks as Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) is found out. Since Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) left town, her husband Kevin has not seemed to be himself. Could a truth about Kevin be coming to light? Recently Genie Francis has announced her GH return for September!

Viewers have noticed a change in Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) since Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) was killed and Kevin harvested his brain for scientific study. Kevin carried Faison’s brain around as if it were normal, plopping it on his desk while Franco Baldwin(Roger Howarth) tried to eat his lunch, uncomfortable Franco left shortly after.

General Hospital fans have watched as Kevin has had several counseling sessions with Franco, Julian Jerome, and Alexis Davis.  The question is has it been Kevin they have been seeing? Since Laura is out of the picture he is really not under any scrutiny as to whether he is acting like himself or not.

Kevin’s twin is supposedly dead on General Hospital

Kevin had a twin brother who died by suicide in a fiery inferno. Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) was a Pediatrician and serial killer who had many mental problems. It was proven that Ryan was molested by his mother his whole life which really affected him and why he lashed out. His mother accidentally mistook Kevin for Ryan and touched him inappropriately and Kevin told his father who then took Kevin out of the home leaving Ryan behind with his abuser.  Ryan eventually killed his mother on General Hospital.

Ryan Chamberlain could relate to Franco’s problems

Since Ryan was molested as a child, he understands Franco’s problems one hundred percent and also the serial killer part of Franco. General Hospital spoilers have revealed “Kevin” has a special place in his heart for Franco and even offered him free counseling sessions for his wedding present. “Kevin” has gone above and beyond for Franco. Could Kevin really be Ryan and have switched places with his brother in a padded room at Ferncliff for the criminally insane?

Who is the tormented man yelling?

General Hospital viewers have been watching as “Kevin” has been treating Carly Corinthos  (Laura Wright) at Ferncliff. There is a blood-curdling man’s yell down the hall from Carly. Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has been undercover watching out for Carly.

Jason asked Kevin who was in that room and Kevin got defensive telling him to stay away from that room. The unidentified screaming man started morse code with Carly but does she even know what he is saying? The one thing she knows is it sounds like he is being tortured on General Hospital.

Just recently Mary Pat (Patricia Bethune) was walking a drugged up Carly down the hall Carly saw a blurry man who whispered “SOS” as they passed each other. The man to many viewers looked just like Kevin.

Kevin blew Jason’s cover on General Hospital

On the June 25, GH episode Kevin blew Jason’s undercover operation and he was told to get out of Ferncliffe now. Why would Kevin do that knowing Jason was all Carly had to keep her safe? It seemed Kevin was more worried about hiding what was behind the door than Carly’s safety at Ferncliff.

The last time Kevin saw his brother Ryan, he kidnapped Georgie Jones (Lindze Letherman) on General Hospital. And he ended up at a Carnival Funhouse where he met his supposed death. Mac Scorpio (John York) and Kevin saved Georgie from the explosion that Ryan threw himself into right before everyone’s eyes.

Ryan could very well be alive on General Hospital

Ryan looked like he was in an inferno of flames as Kevin looked on. That was the end of Ryan Chamberlain, or so we thought? Could Ryan somehow have survived that horrible explosion even though Kevin and Mac watched his demise or could the Fun House and it’s crazy mirrors and tricks somehow gave the illusion Ryan burned to death?

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