‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Crushed That Kim Kept Oscar Dying Secret – Ex-Mobster Heartbroken?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) frustration grows next week. Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) continues to keep him at arm’s length because of Oscar Nero’s (Garren Stitt) secret she is carrying. The more she pulls back, the more he continues to fall. It could be karma if winds up crushed by someone lying to him – since he’s done the same…

General Hospital Spoilers: Julian Jerome Pulls Out All The Stops with Oscar Nero

Julian Jerome is trying his hardest to win over Oscar Nero but so far, Oscar isn’t having it. He even sat down with Oscar’s father, Drew Cain (Billy Miller), and asked him to convince his son to give him a chance. In another attempt, the ex-mobster had the wonderful idea to take Kim and Oscar Nero to see Hamilton.

Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt)’s been wanting to see it and Kim Nero loved the idea. But then Julian Jerome told her that it wasn’t until April. He thinks that the change in her demeanor is because he’s looking too far into the future. General Hospital spoilers tell us it’s because Oscar might not be around that long based on his dire prognosis.

General Hospital – Julian Jerome’s Checkered Past

General Hospital spoilers know the ticket conversation was the perfect opportunity for Kim Nero to come clean to Julian Jerome but she kept her secret to herself. He wants to commit, but Kim isn’t there yet. She isn’t ready to let him into her and Oscar’s life completely. In fact, it seems he is just a distraction. He’s a hot guy in her bed distracting her from her dying son.

Julian Jerome knows that he has been a terrible person in the past, but he owns it. He’s dealt out plenty of pain to so many people. His ex-wife Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) caught the brunt of that pain. After Alexis wore a wire and got Julian to confess to crimes, he kidnapped Alexis and brought her to the pier, nearly killing her.

Julian Jerome’s Children Turned Their Backs

General Hospital spoilers show that Julian’s past crimes mean his children hardly tolerate him. In fact, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) doesn’t tolerate him at all. Sam almost died giving birth to baby Scout because of his wicked sister. She has also seen the hell Alexis has gone through because of him. She refuses to forgive and forget.

His son Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) seems to have warmed up a bit but he’s been preoccupied with his own family matters. He gets to see his little boy Leo, from a one night stand with Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero), from time to time, but it’s not much and was difficult to get. General Hospital spoilers promise Julian’s trying to help Lucas, but he doesn’t know it.

Julian Jerome Crushed Over Kim Nero’s Secrets?

General Hospital spoilers for October 1 hint that Julian backs off. Does that mean Kim Nero finally tells him she needs some space? The Oscar dying news is set to come out any moment now. Cameron Webber (William Lipton) knows and the latest spoilers promise Oscar finds out his fate soon. Once Julian finds out Kim kept this massive secret, what will he do?

Julian has kept far worse hidden from his loved ones. Then again, it’s not what she’s keeping hidden, but why. If Kim had opened her heart to him, she would open up to him, right? But if he’s just a hot distraction from her sadness, that might sting a little. Julian is falling for her, it seems, and she sees him as a casual amusement, according to the latest scenes.

Kim told him she wanted to focus on the here and now. She wasn’t looking for love when she picked him up in his bar. So once the truth comes out about Oscar, will Kim call it quits on their romance? Will Julian back off or step up to the plate and stand by her even if she shoves him into the friend zone? Or will he run to Alexis and tell her about his broken heart and resparks Julexis?

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