‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julexis Goes to Therapy – Do You Want Them Saved?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) needs closure in her life and Julian Jerome (William deVry) has agreed to give that to her. Julian has agreed to go to counseling sessions with her to help her close the “Julexis” door that continues to haunt her.

General Hospital fans are split

GH fans are split down the middle for a Julexis reunion. Some fans cannot get past the horrible dagger scene when Julian held the same dagger that a young Natasha (Alexis) witnessed her mother’s throat being slashed with. Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) murdered her right before Alexis’ very eyes.

While being blackmailed by evil sister Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) Julian did some horrendous things to the woman he professed his love to. He drove Alexis off the deep end turning her into a full-fledged sloppy alcoholic.  She also lost her Law license all thanks to the man who professed his undying love to her on General Hospital, Julian Jerome.

Julexis has history on GH

Julian and Alexis have history all the way back to college. And Julian is Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) daddy by a one-night stand. But he’s the most unforgettable night Alexis ever had. The chemistry between these two is really off the charts on General Hospital.

Alexis and Julian sizzled and had the potential to be one of  GH’s great super couples until Gh execs wrote Julian’s character into a corner while discussing contract negotiations.

Fans Strong Opinions about Julexis Split on General Hospital

Some GH fans feel so passionately about this pairing that they even took to Twitter. They sent nasty tweets to Willian deVry accusing him of breaking up Julexis. They said the actor did not want to work with Nancy Lee Grahn he squashed that nasty rumor in a tweet that reads:
The counseling episode was outstanding and gives Julexis fans something to hope for on General Hospital.

What do you think GH viewers is Julexis heading for a reunion or will the two of them finally part ways when counseling is all finished? Some General Hospital fans love Julian’s new love interest Dr. Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) they think he should move on with a clean slate. Alexis’ new “relationship” kind of fizzled as fast as it started. That was with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton).

And it led her to counseling on General Hospital. She questioned herself why she cannot make relationships work in her life? What do you think? Are Julian and Alexis better off with new love interests? Or should they try again as a couple?

General Hospital Poll Results

Soap Dirt readers voted on the question “Should Julian and Alexis try again or move on?” Here’s how you voted:

  • 59% of you want to see them try again
  • 41% of you want them to move on!

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