‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason’s Surgery Reveals Shocker – He’s Not A Quartermaine – Back To Jake Doe?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] will be shot next week after a meeting of the mob families called by Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard]. It sure seems strange that Jason would be shot fresh off Sonny’s shooting, but this plot isn’t so much about Sonny’s transition out of mob life and more about getting Jason into the hospital for surgery and the associated medical testing.

Jake Doe passed DNA tests before – why not now?

A General Hospital history lesson should remind you that Jake Doe was linked via DNA to Jason Morgan. Plus, there’s the messy matter of Jake Doe having memories of his life with Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] prior to his disappearance and of him being shot on the docks. How would Jake have those memories if he was not the real Jason? Despite that critical info, GH spoilers say Miller is about to be back to Doe.

General Hospital Jason- Spinelli

One thing that can easily be explained away is the DNA test Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] ran on Jake Doe’s water bottle. His DNA was compared against Jason’s in the criminal database, but that’s something Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers] could have rigged, and she was still alive making trouble back then. But what about all the other stuff tying Jason 2.0 to Stone Cold’s past?

Surgery heals Jason, wrecks his life?

There’s little point at this stage in the game, of having Jason shot. After all, Sonny is trying to get out of mob life. However, since his shooting and surgery drama is expected to carry over into Labor Day week, the big deal is that it’s closer and closer to Steve Burton’s debut on or close to September 18. General Hospital spoilers (and rumors) say Jason’s latest shooting results in a major revelation.

punnett square

Given that Danny Morgan has records at GH because of his leukemia and Sam was recently hospitalized for her kitty poop illness, it seems likely that an intrepid doc like Finn [Michael Easton] or Dr. Handsome Man of God Griffin Munro [Matt Cohen] will notice an inconsistency. Remember the genetics unit in high school bio when you set up Punnett Squares to track eye color in families? It could be that simple.

GH spoiler – Burton reveal as Jason will lag almost a year

General Hospital spoilers from big boss Frank Valentini promise this reveal will take far longer than fans’ patience will tolerate. Valentini told TV Line that the effects of Burton’s return and the fallout will play out, “for probably about nine months.” Just like GH took its sweet time to officially reveal that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan (months after fans knew the truth), look for Burton as Jason to play the same way.

General Hospital Jason and Carly

In the most recent issue of ABC Soaps in Depth, GH writer Shelly Altman said that Burton would be acknowledged as a Jason look-alike by everyone in town. That means the ABC soap isn’t even pretending he’s someone else. What else could General Hospital be doing with Burton, playing it this way, if not bringing him back as Jason. If it walks and talks like a Stone Cold duck, guess what it is?

Miller’s days as Jason are numbered

If you’re a Billy Miller fan, brace yourself. It looks like his days as Jason Morgan are numbered. Starting with his record 13th time that he’ll be shot next week thanks to mob violence. But this is a contrivance to have some test or medical observation come out that calls into question his identity. The worst of this is Danny and Jake are about to lose the only dad they’ve known.

You could see the writing on the wall on the Thursday, August 24 episode, as Carly and Sonny were discussing Jason. You know Miller’s Jason is being thrown under the bus. Other characters are delivering lines like, “Jason’s different since he came back, and I know this, you know? I know this, intellectually. It’s just emotionally, I have to keep learning that lesson over and over again” and “…when things are kind of spiraling and I’m feeling lost, that’s when I miss who Jason used to be.”

More General Hospital spoilers and news coming soon!

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