‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason and Sam Work Together On Surprising New Mystery

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) work together on a new mystery. This latest puzzle helps them bond and grow closer. It also surprises them along the way with many people involved. Are the golden years of a united JaSam back on GH?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam McCall’s Past Resurfaces

In recent episodes, General Hospital reminded fans that Sam has quite a shady past. Now, it looks like her former deeds might just come back to haunt her. Could her sketchy past crash her future? Sam McCall hasn’t had to look over her shoulder in a while. However, now she may have to start doing just that. It all started with the obituary about Leland Powell, one of her former marks.

General Hospital watcher saw Sam get some worrisome emails. Next, she discovered that someone is using her old scamming alias, Linda Black. She doesn’t know who could possibly do this. She doesn’t trust the person messaging her. After contemplating what to do, Sam told Jason who said don’t respond. But she didn’t listen and did the opposite. So the two will put their heads together to solve the mysterious emails, once and for all.

GH Spoilers: Sam and Jason Morgan Unite

As longtime General Hospital fans know, Sam and Jason are best when they are working together towards a common goal. The search for answers unravels into a much bigger deal than they expected and they get closer. That is obviously great news for all JaSam shippers out there. In fact, this new bonding experience may just help them reunite in a meaningful way.

As previous General Hospital spoilers teased, JaSam makes love soon. They were kissing on New Year’s and more heat is coming soon. Maybe this situation is a blessing in disguise as it helps them bond. This blast from Sam McCall’s past could change her future once they learn more about who sent the emails. Once JaSam reunites, will the duo be unbreakable?

General Hospital Spoilers: Surprising Mystery Ahead

As the two work on this new case, and as they reignite their very passionate chemistry, they both learn that this mystery is much bigger than they initially realized. In fact, this case involves more people than they ever initially imagined.

Sam McCall will end up quite surprised by just how far-reaching this whole ordeal becomes. This mystery, which started as something quite small and seemingly harmless (though worrisome), grows into something that she never expected. Could Sam actually end up in danger from this latest puzzle on General Hospital?

So, what does this mean for her future? Could this really affect her negatively? And could there be something that Sam is hiding from everyone, including Jason Morgan? Or is this just some person who is trying to scam, or frighten her? Regardless of whether or not this newest puzzle affects her future, it sounds like the mystery is a much bigger deal than anyone thought it would be.

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