‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Risks His Life – Serial Killer or Cult to Blame?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) risks his life, potentially leading to danger in the future. Why does Jason risk his life, yet again? It could be tied to Sam McCall’s (Kelly Monaco) past coming back to haunt her. Or there could be another dangerous mission that Jason finds himself involved in. But he’s no stranger to danger, as GH viewers know.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan Risks Life

Jason Morgan is risking his life, yet again, on General Hospital. He risks his life constantly – so this isn’t the first time or the last time he’ll be in danger. Sam won’t like this since she just got Jason back after his last dance with death. At the moment, he is trying to help his love Sam figure out just what Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) is up to.

Shiloh, aka Hank, whose real name is David Henry Archer, is definitely up to something. The man’s motives are questionable, especially now that Sam and Jason know he’s the son of one of Sam’s former husbands she swindled. So, Jason might be in danger while dealing with some type of situation with Shiloh – or maybe even Dawn of Day, the group/cult the shady guy operates.

GH Spoilers: Danger Ahead for Jason and Sam McCall?

While Sam and Jason may grow closer because they are attempting to figure out this latest mystery, danger could be just around the corner for the couple. There are way too many coincidences between Sam and Shiloh. Plus, there’s the whole thing with Drew Cain (Billy Miller) saving Shiloh’s life back in the day. As the duo attempts to find out the truth on General Hospital, he might learn too much.

Then again, his risk-taking moment could come from something completely different. There is a serial killer running around Port Charles, after all. Jason might find himself in a situation where he’s in danger trying to save someone from Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). After all, Ryan reallydoesn’t like Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).

General Hospital – Jason Finds Tie Between Shiloh, Sam, Drew?

Jason suspected Hank/Shiloh the moment he met him on General Hospital. The wariness he felt only grew, especially when he learned of all the people Shiloh has connections with in Port Charles. In fact, he even heads over to Drew’s and warns him of Shiloh’s motives. he could find the link between Shiloh, Sam, and Drew.

Shiloh could be quite dangerous, as we don’t know too much about him yet. If Jason Morgan finds out the truth about this man, he could potentially wind up in peril. There are waytoo many coincidences between all of the people Shiloh knows. While he and Sam tend to work together, they may bring Drew into the fold to learn more about this new mysterious man in town.

GH Spoilers: Trouble in Paradise for JaSam?

Jason would do anything to protect his love Sam, so it’s easy to think of her when learning about his latest risk. This isn’t the first time he risked himself to protect Sam in some way on General Hospital. It won’t be the last. While Jason and Sam have slowly gotten even closer in recent weeks, danger and trouble could be ahead for the iconic duo.

However, JaSam tends to survive anything that is thrown their way. Although he might try and sacrifice himself to save someone, Sam will surely be right there with him to help him however way she can.

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