‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is Peter August a Bad Guy or Just Another Victim of Faison?

General Hospital spoilers reveal more drama for Peter August AKA Henrik Faison (Wes Ramsey). Who is he? Is he Peter the mild-mannered COO of Aurora Media and a victim, or Henrik son of the notorious criminal Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and a chip off the old block?

Henrik arrived in PC as Peter August

Henrik arrived in Port Charles disguised as Peter August on November 14, 2017, as the young straight-laced executive looking to land a position with the recently purchased Aurora Media.  GH fans had no idea he was the secret son of WSB agent Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) who gave him up at birth to protect him from his father Cesar Faison. Ironically, Henrik was taken from his adopted family by Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) to get even with Anna and was given to his abusive father.

Is Peter a victim?

Is Peter, as he prefers to be called, a victim? He grew up with no friends, low self-esteem and a hatred for his father and the unknown mother who abandoned him. There are those GH fans who like him and say he is a victim of circumstances. Faison forced Peter to take part in the kidnappings of Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and his twin brother Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and he claims he was not part of the mind mapping procedure performed on both men.  

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Some feel Peter is guilty 

Other General Hospital fans are not so generous, however, they see him as guilty as charged and a willing participant.  Fans point to the fact Peter held Jason prisoner for five years and kept him away from his friends and family. His devious plan was to use Jason to kill his father. The book “The Severed Branch” lays out his perfect scheme.

Is Peter guilty for Nathan’s death?

Peter lured Faison to Crimson Magazine, resulting in the death of his half-brother Detective Nathan West (Ryan Paevey). Nathan’s untimely death left behind a widow Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and a fatherless child.  Some GH fans believe Dr. Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) is only giving Peter what he deserves while others believe he is guilty, but they are not happy with torture.

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Will Peter be saved?

They would prefer the WSB send Peter to prison as a co-conspirator. GH spoilers hint Liesl will struggle to cover her tracks and Nina Cassadine (Michelle Stafford) may have a change of heart. A feverish Peter begged for Nina’s help recently and asked her about the flash drive.

This flash drive containing Drew Cain memories and her unwillingness to be a part of a crime may play a key role in Peter’s freedom. Will Nina release Liesl’s victim?  

What do you think is Peter a good guy or a bad guy?

Is Peter a victim of circumstance, his own worst enemy or a chip of the old block? Does he deserve torture or has Liesl gone too far? 

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