‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is Hayden Barnes Stalking Port Charles – Reveal at Friz Wedding?

General Hospital spoilers revealed Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) wedding will be just like any other drama-filled wedding in Port Charles. The tone is now set,  Franco suggested Liz’s family be invited to the wedding. He is feeling like a family man these days and wants as much love at his wedding as possible.

Sarah Posts Picture of Liz with Congrats on General Hospital

Gh viewers watched as Franco called Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames) Liz’s step-grandmother to help him get in contact with Liz’s sister in San Franciso Sarah Webber(Last played by Jennifer Sky).

Sarah knows about the impending event because viewers saw on General Hospital “FacePlace” that she uploaded a picture & congratulations to sister Elizabeth. The interesting thing is someone “liked” Sarah’s posts and Elizabeth’s posts. Someone is definitely following the news on these sisters could it be third sister Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig)?

What other Face Place pages has this “person” been taking an interest in? Could General Hospital doc Hamilton Finn( Michael Easton) be of interest after all he and Anna have made it public that they are an item – why not kill two birds with one stone, she has an excuse to be in Port Charles since her sister is getting married and she could also cause chaos for ‘Fanna’.

The wedding may be a bigger surprise than anyone expected on GH

General Hospital spoilers reveal  Franco is focused on Liz’s sister Sarah but what about Hayden could this be the perfect event to make her debut back to Port Charles? What better place than her sister’s wedding and it would be even grander if Hayden’s other sister Sarah whom she has never met was there. Franco wanted family at the wedding, he may just get it tenfold!

General Hospital viewers watched as Hayden’s story abruptly took a turn for the worst and in record speed. All of the good Hayden built for herself in Port Charles was wiped away and she was gone.

GH execs took a lot of time creating a family and storyline for the character of Hayden only to have it dropped like a hot potato. There didn’t seem to be any hard feelings by Budig or GH‘s execs so maybe the door was left wide open for Budig’s return.

The actress Rebecca Budig had signed a four-year contract with the show but they released her two years early.

Hayden loved her new life on General Hospital

GH fans know Hayden Barnes was a bad girl gone good. She stood by Hamilton Finn (Michale Easton) in hisdrug addiction and withdrawals. And she loved him to the moon. Hayden had a great friendship with Curtis Ashford ( Donnell Turner).

She made peace with her newfound sister Liz and was running General Hospital wonderfully and all of a sudden Hayden becomes the Port Charles grinch embezzling from the hospital.  Hayden then tells Finn she is carrying his child.

Hayden blackmailed on GH

Out of the blue, Hayden’s blackmailed about financial scheming cropped up. So, she decided to skip town. And she told Finn she is bad and will always be bad. Finn loved her and wanted to help her through and was ecstatic about the baby, she then sprung the worst on him that she miscarried and lost the baby.

It devastated Finn. And before he could even grasp what she said, she was gone. Now, she’s not been heard from again. The majority of Gh fans do not believe she miscarried, they believe she skipped town pregnant and will be back.

General Hospital’s Hayden back to ruin Finn’s new relationship?

Fast forward to June 2018 where Finn has finally fallen in love again with Anna Devane(Finola Hughes). Soap fans know they can’t let characters be happy. They’ll always come in with yet another roadblock to happiness and contentment.

What better time than Liz’s wedding to stir up the drama and with a Fayden baby in tow!  Finn’s life flips upside down if she returns. Could Hayden be keeping tabs on everyone she cares about and is closer than we know? Stay tuned.

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