‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s Painting Key to Burton Return Mystery

General Hospital spoilers promise that Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) strange twinsy painting is the starting point for the plot that will bring Steve Burton back to town in a Jason-esque role. Although the ABC soap is being tight lipped about the actor’s return, everyone knows he’ll eventually be Jason. It’s more the journey than the destination in the case of this story.

The fact that Jake Webber (Hudson West) was fascinated by the painting is also important to the story. The kid will play a role in the tale since Burton’s Jason, if he’s the real Jason, is Jake’s biological father, not the former Jake Doe played by Billy Miller. There’s a convoluted family tree about to be redrawn if Burton is Jason Quartermaine. Consider this.

General Hospital spoilers tie painting to twin twist

Jake would be old Jason’s kid and so is Danny Morgan. But little Scout Morgan would really be Scout Doe. That means Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) has a kid with each of the Jasons. Will the real Jason Quartermaine Morgan please stand up? Steve Burton’s character will be back in Port Charles around September 18 under another name but with old Jason’s face.

It’ll be interesting to see the looks on Sam, Franco, Liz Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) faces when Jason’s former face shows back up in Port Charles. That painting sure seems important and will no doubt be part of the explanation of who at least one of the Jasons is (and maybe both). Fans are on the fence about who they want Burton to be and lots of Miller loyalists are angry already.

What does the painting mean? Is the answer to Burton’s new identity lurking in the darkest recesses of Franco’s mind? Cool your jets and wait for mid-September to see although according to Frank Valentini, everything will remain a mystery for at least nine months, so there’s a long road to go with Burton, Miller, Jason and Jason. Check back often for new General Hospital spoilers.

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