‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Franco & Sarah’s past?


As General Hospital fans know weddings are not just weddings on GH — something always dramatic happens. Remember when Franco and Carly (Laura Wright) were getting married on the Haunted Star? All hell broke loose when Franco put her on blast for her affair with her now hubby Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

As General Hospital’s Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) plan for their wedding, sources close to the show tease a few shocking surprises may be in store for this couple. Franco has been pushing Elizabeth to invite her family to the wedding without much success. However, last week Elizabeth promised Franco she would give it some thought. This gave Franco an idea for a lovely wedding present, or so he thought.

According to other General Hospital spoilers, Franco hopes to surprise his fiancé with a special wedding present. He calls Audrey (Rachel Ames) to ask for Elizabeth’s sisters’ phone number in San Francisco. Franco may wish he had followed Elizabeth’s warning to let ‘sleeping dogs lie’.  A source close to the show revealed Franco and Sarah have a past the question is what kind of past?

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The Webber sister’s past

Last seen in Port Charles in 2002, Sarah Webber (Sarah Laine) and her younger sister Liz were not on the best of terms. It seems the sisters share an animosity that spans their formative years. They also share the same taste in men. Sarah and Lucky Spencer (Johnathan Jackson) had a brief affair, which they hid from Elizabeth on her last visit, and both women were interested in Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher). Sarah (Jennifer Sky) briefly dated him shortly after the two sisters arrived in Port Charles, while Elizabeth had an affair with him behind Lucky’s back a few years later. Given this history GH fans may wonder, could Franco have shared a past with his fiancé’s sister?  

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Where was Franco all those years?

Not much is known about Franco’s (James Franco) history prior to his appearance in 2009 except that he was fixated with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and terrorized him and allegedly assaulted Morgan’s girlfriend Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco).

 GH fans believed Franco was killed by Jason in 2012 only to learn in 2013 that he was still alive. What did Franco do during his absence from Port Charles? A handsome and Charismatic artist, Franco could have met Sarah at some point prior to the removal of his tumor which he blamed for his serial killing sprees.  Perhaps Sarah could have been one of his victims who survived or maybe a past lover. Either way, fireworks are in store for Franco as his surprise threatens to deter the happy ever after with Liz he has been dreaming of.

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