‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Does Shiloh Have Sister Wives – Harmony, Daisy and Willow?

General Hospital spoilers wonder if Shiloh Archer‘s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) tattooed babes might be his sister wives. If so, it looks like he has three – Harmony, Daisy and Willow Tait (all nice natural names for his acolytes). In fact, a little research into that strange mark hints that it might be about the cult leader and his bevy of baes on the ABC soap.

First, research shows the power of three is universal and means completion. Also, there are three women who bear the mysterious symbol on their backs with three lines in the middle and an A on each side. So, the two A’s on each end could stand for Archer while the three lines symbolize the three General Hospital ladies.

Remember, Daisy (Kelsey Wang), Harmony (Inga Cadranel) and Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) all have the same tattoo. So, it seems likely that they are all of significant importance to Shiloh Archer say General Hospital spoilers. Plus, they dropped a hint that Shiloh may be plotting a substitute wife three…

General Hospital Spoilers: Shiloh Archer’s Wives Are Daisy, Harmony, and Willow Tait?

GH spoilers recall that recently, Harmony was unhappy with Shiloh because he won’t let her join him in Port Charles. Additionally, she said she always knew she’d “have to share him”. However, she misses Shiloh and reminded him he said he loves her. Then, Harmony accused him of being obsessed with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). Later on General Hospital, Shiloh Archer asked if she had heard from someone or found her.

Obviously, there’s someone they’re trying to find. Also, Harmony reminded Shiloh that he didn’t need the missing one. Because, now he has Sam. But, Shiloh responded that he still hasn’t forgotten the one he lost. General Hospital spoilers suspect the one that got away is skittish school marm Willow Tait seeing as she has the same symbol tattooed on her. He’s relying on Harmony to find her.

GH Spoilers: The Power Of Three – Not Just for Crazy Cults

Unraveling this General Hospital plot requires a little research. Most every religion on the planet associates the number three with great power. Several religious texts say when anything is mentioned three times, it means it is of utmost importance. The three lines in the tattoo could represent three wives – Daisy, Harmony, and Willow. With Shiloh Archer as their alpha and omega (the A at each end).

Taoism says “Tao begets One, One begets Two, Two begets Three and Three begets all things”. Three is birth, life, death. It is the beginning, middle, and end. A pre-Islamic ancient religion worshiped Manant — a threefold goddess representing the thee Holy Virgins. Additionally, Celtic goddess Brigid was known as the “three goddess”. The GH cult could be drawing from all these clues.

In Christianity, three represents the Trinity. Also, there were three gifts of the Magi when Jesus was born. In Egyptian, there was a thrice great (great three) God called Thoth with the powers of writing, magic, and wisdom. With Shiloh, his cult seems to be based on many other belief systems. So, the General Hospital egomaniac may have drawn on the power of three to decide he should have three wives.

Willow Tait – The Missing Cult Wife on GH?

General Hospital spoilers hint Willow Tait is on the run from Shiloh Archer because she wound up pregnant with his baby. No doubt, she was beginning to see how dangerous Shiloh is and wanted to protect her child. So, she gave the ultimate sacrifice and put her child up for adoption. Remember, Shiloh asked Harmony if she had heard from “her”.

Clearly, there is someone Shiloh Archer wants to find badly. He even offered Harmony extra incentive to find this woman. So, it seems Willow Tait could be one of three wives – the lucky one chosen to birth his little “messiah”. Only Willow ran off. Last week on GH,  he invited Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth) into his inner circle. He’s also getting closer to Sam. Is Shiloh shopping for a replacement?

Shiloh Needs A New Wife – Kristina Or Sam?

General Hospital spoilers tease if Shiloh Archer lost one of his wives surely he is going to need a new one. If he needs three to feel powerful, that is. So, the question is, who is he going to add to his collection of sister wives (if this is the way the story goes)? Surely, he seems obsessed with Sam McCall. However, Kristina is dangerously devoted to him. Willow Tait, Harmony and Daisy might have “completed” him.

Now, with Willow Tait out of his clutches, Shiloh Archer may feel out of sorts. Getting wife three in his life may be what he needs. Harmony is looking for Willow and Daisy is eager to please. So, would it be Sam or Kristina? The one might just be about revenge. The other about control. Daisy and Harmony both are eager to do anything he says, and that sounds more like Krissy’s line of thinking.

If getting into Shiloh’s inner circle also means into his bed, Krissy would jump at the chance. Plus, as cult leaders go, he’s a hunk. So she may join Harmony, and Daisy as one of his wives and wind up with the mark of possession on her – unless her sister can save her. Meanwhile, if they spot Willow in town he may turn his eye back on his alleged baby mama.

Stay tuned to ABC weekdays to watch Shiloh Archer’s twisted love life be unveiled – will he recover Willow Tait and reunite her with Daisy and Harmony?

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