‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cameron Warned in Court – Juvie in His Future?

General Hospital spoilers report Cameron Webber (William Lipton) soon receives a word of caution. He is known to be impulsive. However, he is also a loyal friend. So, Cameron’s impulse to help a friend may land him in front of a judge once again. Now, he may have to face the consequences — and they may be serious.

General Hospital Spoilers: Cameron Webber Off to Juvenile Detention?

While running around the Falls with his friends, Cameron missed his court-ordered community service on GH. This is huge since the conditions of his probation require him to stay out of trouble for an entire year. Although, his motive was to help a dying friend, it may not be enough to keep him out of juvenile jail.

General Hospital spoilers hint the judge may likely frown upon seeing the teen back in her court so soon. She was very clear about her terms. In addition, this may be an opportunity for her to make an example of him. So, Cameron Webber may be in for a rude awakening on General Hospital.

Plea for Leniency? – GH Spoilers

On General Hospital, Cameron Webber knew the risk when he left town. However, like most teens, his plan was not well thought out. One flat tire followed by a medical crisis was enough to keep Cameron stranded in Niagara Falls. Since he did not return in time to do his community service, he is in hot water.

However, Cameron may be able to request leniency from the court due to his extenuating circumstances. Cam’s friend, Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt), had a seizure requiring immediate medical attention. It was Cam’s calm fast acting call to 911 that may have saved Oscar’s life on GH.

General Hospital: Heroe Cameron Webber?

It was also Cameron that helped capture the GH serial killer, Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). Cam unknowingly ran into Ryan while in Niagara Falls, then told his mother about “Kevin”. He was integral to getting a serial killer off the streets of Port Charles. That should certainly count for something.

Ryan’s reign of terror is over in part because of Cameron. Although, Ryan’s body hasn’t been found, General Hospital fans hope that he is gone for good. If not, Cameron Webber could be high on Ryan’s list for revenge.

All in all, GH fans believe that Cam is a good kid. He is passionate and protective of his loved ones. However, the law is the law. He disregarded the terms of his probation and may have to pay the consequences. Hopefully, the judge will give Cam another chance. To see if Cameron Webber is awarded leniency or sent to juvie, watch GH on ABC.

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