‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cameron Outraged – Liz’s Family Falls Apart While Franco Stays In Jail

General Hospital spoilers show Cameron Webber (William Lipton) is outraged over recent events with Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Franco is in jail and might confess to the killings. Elizabeth’s family is slowly falling apart. Franco Baldwin works with Jordan Ashford (Briana Nicole Henry) and issues a false confession that he is the serial killer. This is a ploy to seek out the real killer – but his choice could harm Liz, Cameron and her other sons.

General Hospital Spoilers: Cameron Webber Gets Angrier By the Day

Elizabeth’s family is slowly falling apart, and it looks like this will continue. Cameron Webber is upset with his mother for standing by Franco Baldwin after he was arrested. In fact, Cameron was beaten up in school because of his ties to Franco, making him furious as he told Elizabeth Webber.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Cameron Webber gets madder as things worsen for his new step-dad. Franco and Jordan agree to work together. The PCPD chief doesn’t believe the reformed killer is the soulless guy she’s looking for. However, in order to catch the real serial murderer, Franco must confess to all the kills – and he can’t tell Liz.

As Franco and Elizabeth Webber just married, this shocks the GH nurse. Franco Baldwin swore to Elizabeth he didn’t do anything and she believed him. As Cameron Webber already had issues with the arrest, he’s going to be even more upset when he learns that Franco confessed to all the killings.

GH Spoilers: Elizabeth Webber Struggles To Keep Family Together

Liz really struggles to keep her family together on General Hospital. Plus, there’s no telling just how she’ll react to Franco’s guilty plea. She stood by his side and even married him because she believed (correctly) in his innocence. Now that he can’t tell her that he’s working with Jordan to catch the true killer, Cameron Webber, his mom, and her other kids may believe the worst in him for a while.

Franco obviously doesn’t like this and told Jordan no when he first learned what she wanted to do. However, he wants his name cleared, so he has no other choice. Elizabeth now finds herself with two options. She could believe in Franco’s guilt and fall apart, realizing that the man she loves is still a killer. Or, she could realize something is amiss and choose to stay by his side. Regardless of what Elizabeth Webber chooses, her family will still struggle with this news.

General Hospital: Franco Baldwin’s Plan with Jordan

Hopefully, for his relationship with Elizabeth Webber and her children, things work out quickly with his and Jordan’s plan. Jordan believes that the real killer will hate Franco getting attention for the killings. Therefore, she could possibly flush out the real murderer and arrest him. Previous General Hospital spoilers say Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) potentially outs himself because of his need for attention.

Therefore, Jordan could be on the right track. However, she could also put her life in danger in the process. Will Jordan’s plan work? Or will Franco Baldwin do all of this only for the whole plan to fail, and then possibly lose Elizabeth and his new family in the process? Plus, since Jordan is struck by a car, that leaves Franco’s confession in play and him with no path to get out of prison since only she knew about the plan. Cameron Webber gets angry this week.

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