‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bensch Murdered Whodunit? [POLL]

General Hospital spoilers promise lots of twists and turns as Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin) tries to navigate her way around the predicament she finds herself in with Dr. David Bensch (James DePaiva). GH fans have said Dr. Bensch is one of the creepiest bad guys in Port Charles and social media is buzzing with rumors that his demise could be close at hand.   

Kiki went public with her claims of sexual harassment at GH when Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) published the article in the Port Charles Press last week.  Dr. Bensch was not pleased and cornered Kiki in the doctor’s locker room, causing Doctor Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) to come to her defense.

As his behavior gets further out of control, Dr. Bensch may not have to worry about the destruction of his career. Perhaps he should start thinking about his will along with a burial plot, as a list of possible whodunit suspects begins to grow.

Ava Jerome

 According to General Hospital spoiler from Soaps in Depth, Ava Jerome will have to weigh the alternatives that are available to her.  Last week Ava demanded Griffin tell her who had “put his crusty paws” on her precious daughter. Longtime fans know Ava is very capable of taking a life and would not hesitate to put a bullet in the good doctor to avenge her daughter.

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Franco Baldwin

GH’s Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) thinks of Kiki as his daughter and became unhinged when he read the article. He accused Dr. Bensch of the heinous act and pushed him into the lockers with an ominous threat to his life.  Franco is not above dishing out punishment. We only need to look at Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) rapist who he locked in a dog crate last year.

Is Peter August bad or just another victim?

Griffin Munro or Uncle Julian Jerome

Other suspects could include Griffin, who has become her hero of late and has shared a sexual encounter with her.  Kiki’s uncle Julian Jerome (William DeVry), who has been trying to keep his nose clean, could call on his dark side to settle the score with Dr. Bensch.  

Another victim out for revenge

We can also add an unknown assailant to the list of suspects.   Dr. Bensch may have preyed on other young medical students in the past.  He hasn’t been at General Hospital for very long and his history may finally catch up to him in the form of a previous victim whose life was destroyed.

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GH fans are ready for a good murder mystery and this could be the perfect scenario to boost summer ratings as fans try to figure out who put in a bullet in this sexual predator.

The poll is now closed! Soap Dirt readers voted on the question “Who killed Dr. Bensch?” (assuming the pervy doctor is offed!)

Here’s how you voted:

  • 66% of you think it’ll be someone not on the list
  • 23% are certain Kiki’s mom Ava will take him out
  • 4% of you think Uncle Julian will take care of the creep
  • 4% voted that Franco might come out of retirement to make him pay
  • 3% of you believe sexy former father Griffin might punish him!

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